viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012

The Rainbow

"What can you see at the end of the rainbow?"

A lot of countries and cultures, which range from the Indian culture to the Irish traditions, have long told tales and legends about the rainbow. These stories are all related to different beliefs -rainbows lead to God, they are the pathway of souls when people die, ... Some cultures even thought that if you looked at the end of the rainbow, it could bring death or bad luck. 

However, if there is an extended legend about the rainbow, that is the Irish one. This Irish tale tells that at the end of every rainbow, there is a pot of gold, which is guarded by a Leprechaun.

People say that he does not only takes care of the gold but also of all the fairies' treasure. If the treasure is ever in danger of being discovered by a greedy human being who thinks he is more clever than the leprechaun, the leprechaun tries to fool him with one of his tricks and he always succeeds, so the pot of gold and all the fairies' treasure will be safe forever.

This is a leprechaun

What do you think of this Irish tale? Do you like it? Do you know any similar tales? Write down about them or simply comment on this.

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  1. With legends or without legends ... one thing is true... Rainbow is one of the most beautiful nature phenomenon that you can see in a rainy and sunny day. Ana