lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

Our House

Since we've been practising with the household chores so far, maybe we should have a look at the parts of the house. This is a link to a crossword where you can test your knowledge about them.

As it seems to me that you like singing, maybe you remember this song by Madness, the title, "Our House", the lyrics, easy to understand but difficult to sing -too fast. Enjoy it!!!

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  1. Madness! Great ska band!

    Madness is one of the main British ska groups formed in 1976.
    Madness has a handful of great songs but my fave one is "One step beyond".
    In a good pub, with a few beers "One step beyond" becomes a fucking madness. "Well, listen buster, you better start to move your feet..."

    "Hey you!
    Don't watch that, watch this!
    This is the heavy heavy monster sound
    The nuttiest sound around
    So if you've come in the off the street
    And you're beginning to feel the heat
    Well, listen buster you better start to move your feet
    To the rockinest rock steady beat of madness
    One step beyond!!!"