lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012

Household Chores

Who does the household chores at home? 
Do you enjoy doing them?
Do you think sharing household chores is still a problem in your country or not any more?
Listen to Adrienne talking about cleaning her apartment.

3 comentarios:

  1. I prefer other people do that for me... jeje Ana

    1. I think I have a big mistake in the last sentence and I would like to correct it.
      "I prefer another person doing that for me.. jeje"
      Is that okay? Ana

  2. Yes, it's a problem, a big problem. Nowadays nobody wants nor sharing nor to do household chores. Before sons don't knew how to do that tasks, but today daughters either. It's very common to know girls studying at the university that don't know how to start the wash-machine, fry a egg... so on.