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Confused or Confusing?

What's the difference? Well, we use adjectives that end with –ed  to talk about our own feelings, or how a situation makes us feel. We use adjectives that end with -ing to talk about a person, a thing or a situation that causes those feelings. So we can say the following:

I’m usually confused with prepositions. Prepositions are confusing.

Look at these sentences:
  • My boyfriend has a very annoying habit. He's always late! I get really annoyed with him.
  • Our book is so interesting. I'm really interested in learning a lot of things.
  • The class was boring. I had no-one to work with so I was really bored

Let's have a bit of practice, now!
Complete the sentences using the correct form; either -ing or -ed.

1. My teacher is very _____. The lessons are very _____. The subject is very _____. I'm _____! (bored/boring)

2. Are you _____ in going to the cinema sometime and see a film in original version? (interested/interesting)

3. Last Christmas holiday, my boyfriend and I went skiing and snowboarding. It was so _____! (excited/exciting)

4. I watched a football match last night. It was _____ to see your favourite team lose the match! (disappointed/disappointing)
5.  We all were _____ when we check our progress test marks. We all had passed!!!  (amazed/amazing)

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  1. These are the answers for you to check if you can use the adjectives correctly now.

    1. boring / boring / boring / bored
    2. interested
    3. exciting
    4. disappointing
    5. amazed

    Do you think you need more practice with this? Ask me.