jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

Being polite in English

I would be delighted if you devote some of your precious time to read and watch a video, and obviously to comment on it, afterwards.

You see, it's easy to be polite in English. This entry has been created by Roman, who after our lesson on less direct and polite language, came up with this idea.

"This video is an extract from an episode of the famous American TV series Friends, where you could learn the polite speaking on the phone.
Phoebe calls to England because she needs to warn somebody about something, but it will be more difficult than she thought ...
Why does Phoebe need to warn her friends? And, who do you think is more polite on the phone?"

How rude the lady was!!! That's a funny video, don't you think? Thanks Roman for contributing not only with your good ideas but also with your availability and effectivity.

1 comentario:

  1. I wonder if I be able one day to have this video with subtitles in English. I have just listened tree times but I couldn't understand everything but I think the English person is ruder than Phoebe because I think the old woman is a bit stupid , isn't she? Correct me, please!! Ana

    PD: One more thing Sofía, Could you have translate this video or much better... could you put some sentences in English to understand everything, please? Thank you