lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day and in a few weeks' time, we'll be celebrating Mother's Day. Why these two celebrations ? Is it necessary to have them just to remember our parents, give them a simple gift or tell them that we love them? I don't think so. They teach us a lot of things, they love us as if we were the most important and valuable "possession" they have, even they try to protect us from difficult situations where we can get hurt.

We have a lot of examples of good fathers in famous films. But let me remind you of two of my favourite ones.

The first film is To Kill a Mockingbird, based on the book with the same title by Harper Lee. In case you haven't heard of it, the only thing I can tell you is that Atticus Finch (role performed by Gregory Peck) is a widower who has to bring up his two children with the little help of Calpurnia, a black woman, in the south of the United States at a time where the rights of black people were almost none. Atticus is a lawyer who has to defend a black man accused of raping a white woman. Knowing that he is facing one of the most difficult situations in his whole career as a lawyer, and that his little daughter is always getting into trouble by being honest and sincere, Atticus gently and lovingly makes her promise .... 

Watch this video and guess what.

And what about this other father? I'm referring to Guido in Life is Beautiful. If you have seen this film, you know that when he is sent to the horror of a concentration camp with his son, he decides that Josue will live that experience as a game, getting points for things such as not complaining if he is hungry, ... and in the end ...

Watch that part of the film. With it, you can practise your German and Italian at the same time you read the subtitles in English.


Enjoy the day and congratulations to all of you who are fathers! I'm completely sure you would do the same in such difficult situations.

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