miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

The key to a good monologue

How can we improve our speeches or oral presentations? 
We have already dealt with this topic in class and we should bear in mind different pieces of advice, such as:

  • be ourselves
  • try to be calm and relaxed since the audience always wants us to succeed
  • get rid of our nervous ticks and habits
  • stick to the point and make it relevant
  • don't exceed the time limit

We all know that it is difficult and it is a question of practice, as always.

Some days ago, I found out about "Famelab", a cultural organization that tries to encourage scientists and engineers to make science more approachable to the general public by communicating this scientific knowledge in a more simple way so that society can understand it better. They organize a contest in many countries every year and they choose the best speaker.

Here's an example of a good monologue. This woman was the winner of the contest in 2011. (By the way, you should check who the winner of 2013 is). Since we have talked about a mother's love as being "pure", here you have the opportunity to reflect upon it and what the origins of this love might be.

What do you think? Is this an incredible speech? What are the good points? Has she used a wide range of vocabulary and grammar expressions? Has she used correct pronunciation and intonation although she's from Cyprus? Is her speech relevant and accurate? What about the most important part -the beginning? Did she catch your attention from the very beginning of it?

Common, guys. It's not that difficult!!! You can do it as well!!!

2 comentarios:

  1. Hey! I already know about it because I saw that a spanish scients won represinting Austria and as I'm keen on scient I saw his video and was fantastic and easy to understood even he is Spanish he, obiously, spoke in English, in fact I've thought that maybe I can win it haha

  2. It´s a fantantastic speech: she´s relaxed,she she makes the stick to the point and makes it relevant... but, especially she believes and lives the content of the speech.
    So she gets our attention. It´s really the key to succes!!
    We should give priority to speaking in schools.