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martes, 11 de junio de 2013


 Hello again,
After this short break on the blog, it's time to enjoy this entry. It has been created by Vicky, once again, your classmate in the Advanced level. In my opinion, this entry is quite original so you can't miss it. Go on reading and then if you feel like writing a little, leave your comments.

At popular request I am going to share with you my passion for INSTAGRAM. Probably you will say “one more social networking site” but I would like to explain to you why I love it and how amazing it could be, if you are fascinated by photography.

INSTAGRAM was born in 2010, at first, it was designed only for I-phone devices, but later, due to its success, with more than 100 million users, this app was opened to Android in April of 2012.

I set up my profile in 2011, when INSTAGRAM was starting to take off toward stardom. A very good friend of mine, who is an unbelievable photograph-lover, introduced me in the application and gave me some advice about how I could use it. 

The best stuff of INSTAGRAM is that you take the photo with your mobile, you apply some filter and then you load the photo in your profile and share it with everybody, without the necessity of downloading it to your computer and editing it in some programs like photo-shop or similar ones. 
Furthermore, if, in your mobile, you have more photo edition apps compatible with INSTAGRAM you are likely to make wonderful editions very easily. 

Retortillo's Church

My favourite app, the one I usually use, is “Snapseed”. Another gorgeous tool, if you like black and white, is “Noir”. And if you are a fan of fantasy edition, the best app is “Filter Mania”.

When you have decided which photograph you want to share, you can also add a hang tag (#) like in Twitter, in order to get more followers or only to focus your photo toward some particular issue.  I normally create some hangtags such as #igerssalamanca #igerscastillayleon , owing to the fact that I belong to a small group in this huge number of “igers” all around the world.

Nevertheless, I follow people from different countries, like USA, Australia, Turkey, Sweden, France or Italy. And for me, it is great, because when I am watching their photos I feel, for a few moments, as if I were there and I could see what they were looking at. And if something is happening in the world, in a short time, it would appear in INSTAGRAM even before that will get in the news broadcast.

The purists of INSTAGRAM were very annoying and unpleasant when it was sold to Facebook, because they changed the stipulation contract about the photo property.

From my point of view, it isn’t so important, in the moment you share your photo in a social networking site, you lose the control over it.  I like sharing my photos and some special moments that I caught, without expecting a reward only the likes of my followers. But there are people that make business on the internet and I understand them, in case they’d want to sell their photos or get an income, they may be afraid of their rights.
CyL Theatre Fair in Ciudad Rodrigo last summer

INSTAGRAM is a social networking site and it has, of course, all the cons of them, but if you enjoy photography you might surf it, I promise you’d have fun with the experience.

My user's name is vickycr74. You can see my gallery whenever you want … And your comment will be welcome.           

Thanks Vicky for this entry, you already know that I follow you and I like your photos, especially the one taken from a roof and your perspective when seeing things and I am becoming a fan of INSTAGRAM.
OK, guys, you have the extraordinary opportunity to have a look at Vicky's photos. I assure you won't be deceived -they're simply great.


3 comentarios:

  1. I believe this entry, is very interesting.
    I like photography,so I´m going to look at your galery.Thanks

  2. Thanks for your comment Montse!

  3. Just tell you that I fell in love with IG as soon as I started using it some weeks ago. It's not a question of turning into a selfie but sharing your best moments with your followers. My user's name is ?. Ha ha ha, sorry but you will have to ask me for it. ;-P