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lunes, 24 de junio de 2013


Hi guys,

This entry isn’t meant to be the last one of this blog this academic year, but in a way, it is a farewell entry and if you go on reading, you’ll find out why.

When I was told I was going to teach at the Official School of Languages in CR nearly a year ago, I felt a bit uneasy even though, previous teachers there had talked wonders of you. At that time, I didn’t know how amazing this experience was about to turn out to be.
Room 4
 This has been our classroom for nearly nine months and this is the way it is now: without you, my pupils. It seems to be eerily silent but I’m completely sure it still keeps your conversations in English, sometimes in Spanish, your constant questions and doubts, your laughter, your nerves and fears before the finals, … all those good and not-so-good moments along the whole academic year.

To tell you the truth, this course has been extraordinarily unusual for me and although some of you would like to do now what Loly (2NA) is trying to do in the photo below, I do think you feel the same as well.

A dissatisfied pupil trying to chain me unseeingly

Regardless of the academic results, which would make this entry sadder, the first thing I want to do is to thank you for having been able to endure me for such a long/short course. MANY THANKS TO YOU ALL. I know it hasn’t been easy!!!
I would also like to thank you for all your presents, some of which I didn’t photograph, although I enjoyed them a lot.

Some of the fun-tastic gifts

Well, let’s bring back some good moments we have lived together!

You gave me a warm welcome by making me feel as if I were at home. Homes which some of you have offered me on different occasions, for example, on that awful snowy day in January, when we anxiously interrupted the class and in a hurry we set off, fearing, as it in the end happened, it would be impossible for me to arrive home that night.

Whether I have succeeded or not, you have given me the opportunity to try to improve my skills as a teacher. Mainly by encouraging you to speak English in class and to use it as many times as you can and as confidently as possible. It is in this point in which you have highly succeeded. You created a very good atmosphere where it was extremely easy to teach, not only because you were eager to learn but also because you were involved in the teaching-learning process. (Pilu from 2NI even bought some markers for the whiteboard …)

You’ve been patient with me, especially in those embarrassing moments when I said “Listen to it! or “Let’s watch this video” and nothing worked. Ufff! How bad I felt then! At least, everything went right on exam days!!!

You’ve done your homework, participated actively, in class and other extra-curricular activities we have had, such as the ones on Halloween, at Christmas, at Steve’s concert, … you have even used this blog, to some extent. I’m really happy because of that. And do you remember our English-guided tour around Ciudad Rodrigo thanks to Fanny and Rebecca (2NA)? Here’s a photo. (Maybe you’ll miss Manolo and me in it, sorry but I cropped it –you know why.)

Happy tourists

Obviously, it would be impossible to mention all the hilarious moments together. The only thing I can mention is that you made them possible. We’ve laughed our heads off.

As regards our degree of closeness in the class, we can highlight the fact that we have shared our personal reflections as well as our true love stories in that sort of writing competition we had. And don’t forget what a terrifying experience you may live when home alone, a TV set starts turning on and off by itself as it happens to Eva (2NI). It makes my hair stand on end.

Well, I don’t want to bore you with this entry so it’s high time to conclude it …

Thanks for making me not just a better teacher but a better person.
Thanks for teaching me a great amount of new interesting things.
Thanks for all those yummy Friday afternoons we’ve had.
Thanks for those Thursday nights at the karaoke bar improving our singing in English and in Spanish. (I don’t attach photos for these last two extra-curricular activities, ha-ha.)
Thanks for doing my job worth.
Thanks for being the way you are.

It only remains to add “Looking forward to having my summer holiday and then seeing you again … some of you outside school and some of you in our classroom in September. ;-)”


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  1. Well... I have no words to express myself ... ups!! You have let me without speech. Thanks Sofia, it's enough, isn't it? THANKS.

    1. Heyyy! What's the matter with you? You should know by now that I'm a romantic person at heart. But you are as well, Rebecca, not to mention Elena, who almost cried when she read the entry and funnily enough, she hasn't been there. ;-)

  2. Ha, ha, ha. Yes, that's true.
    The invisible one.