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Hi guys, this time is Mercedes, your classmate in  the Advanced Level, who wants to share this entry with you all and make you participate with your comments. It's a very original entry and above all, it makes us reflect upon our attitude towards art. Read it and comment on it.

Taken from the film The Stendhal Syndrome

The behaviour in a museum

Do you like to visit museums? Everybody, who wants to see a really interesting person, says “yes, of course, I go very often”. But, is it totally true? How is our attitude when we go into an art gallery or we are in front of a monument? It might be highlighted that there are many researches about that; however, I have my own classification:

1.- The sensitive- they are people who know everything or almost everything about art, but they don´t show their knowledge. This kind of people walks around the places very slowly, putting attention in everything and learning new things about this subject. Although there are people who speak without knowing anything, and that gets on my nerves.

2.- The Romantic- They are people who stop in front of an sculpture or a picture and they start to cry. On the other extreme hand is the Stendhal Syndrome, which is suffered by people when they see many beautiful things and they left to enjoy.

3.- The Tourist-  They are people who want to see everything, because they have read it in guide books. They only stop when they watch a huge group of people in front of a masterpiece. They suddenly catch the camera and take thousands of photos. After that, they follow the rest of the people. This kind of people don´t read any information, because they waste time doing it and they have to take more and more photos. Moreover, tourists don´t like to pay tickets for the entrance.

Anyway, after this short explanation about three kinds of visitors of a museum, could you tell me if you have felt identified with some of them? Explain me how your behavior in a museum is, how you prepare the visit, if you don´t mind spending money in culture, …

Needless to say, Mercedes, we really appreciate your effort and enthusiam in writing this interesting entry. Thanks a lot and keep blogging!!

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  1. Personally, I really like visiting museums and art galleries. I don't usually take a lot of photos or do what we could call "express visits". I wander along the corridors trying to learn more things about the masterpieces hanging on the walls as well as the artists who made them. I like a work of art for what it makes me feel, but I must admit that I've never cried in front of one.

    All in all, I must be a mixture of the three types of visitors or none of them at all. What do you think, Mercedes?

  2. In the last few years I have hardly visited museums.I´ve been a little lazy.
    Most of times I prefer visiting museums with a guide because I´ve only had general knowledges about art.Guides explain every work of art very detailed,even,talk about history and the artist´s life.
    When I went to visit the Lovre Museum in Paris there were lots of tourist.I was very surprised because most of them walking quickly to the same room.They wanted to take thousands of photos to the famous masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci.It´s true that it is the best known,the most visited and the most written about in the museum.But the Lovre isn´t only the Mona lisa.It has got many intersting masterpieces that you might look at it in amazement.Moreover, the museum itself is marvellous.
    I encourage you to visit exhibitions that we can visit here in Ciudad Rodrigo.They aren´t so famous but they´re interesting.