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After a few weeks without any entries, here we go again. This time with the help of one of your classmates; Elena, from the second year of the Advanced Level, who has been extremely kind to collaborate with our class blog.

Even when everybody could think that Physiotherapy is a new therapy, the truth is that it has existed since human beings  are in this world. It hasn't been recognised, as a profession apart from doctors and nurses,  until thirty years ago, when it started to be a university degree in Spain. Nowadays, a lot of people are still a little confused about us and it would be interesting for you if you are aware of what a physiotherapist can do for you and, even more important, what we cannot do.

It is well-known that films and TV can be a useful way of making it known, and I have selected a movie, that I’m sure almost everybody knows, just to remind you of the physiotherapy part. Regarding Henry with Harrison Ford, a lawyer who is shot and needs help to come back to his life after losing his speech and mobility. Here is the trailer where you can do two minutes of listening. Of course, you can see the entire film in English online but I am sure everybody knows where. 

Neurology is a field not very well-known as part of my job however, it is more and more needed every day. Traffic accidents, brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy.... We are going to take cerebral palsy as an example of what physiotherapists are ready to do. This is a disorder occurred near the moment of birth. For any reason (there are several causes) the motor development is not how it must be and that creates the disability of movement. The affected can have other damages such as vision and speech problems, learning disabilities, epilepsy...The extension of the lesions will depend on the location and degree of brain damage.  However, it  is demonstrated that with the appropriate treatment, it goes much better helping, in some cases, until the completely integration of the child in the society. In this fight, against the unfair, a lot of experts are working in what we call multidisciplinary teams.

This video is the sweetest one I’ve found in order not to offend someone, although the reality is not so sweet and easy, the video shows you how Physiotherapist´s world works.
Take it as an example of when we can help.

And now... did you know what a physiotherapist can do for you? Have you ever needed one? Was that a good or bad experience? Do you remember any other films related to physiotherapists? 

Thanks, Elena, and congratulations for you work. Undoubtedly, physiotherapists do a great job. It must be extremely rewarding to see your patients' progresses every day. 
OK, guys, now it's your turn!!!

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