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sábado, 13 de abril de 2013

International Kissing Day

“A kiss is just a kiss”, this verse from the popular song “As Time Goes By” could not describe what most of us feel when we kiss somebody. Whether you agree or disagree with me, a kiss is a good way to express your love, friendship or attachment for somebody.

I like kissing but obviously, I cannot deny having been reticent to kisses in the past for several reasons – perhaps when you are a child and your parents push you to kiss people you don’t feel any kind of fondness for, just to set an example.

Today, The International Kissing Day is a good opportunity to evoke some of the best kisses we may have ever had, such as our mother’s pure kiss, our first kiss of love, those morning kisses or maybe a goodbye kiss, …

The film industry is “plagued” with good kisses, unforgettable ones. A few days ago, we mentioned some of them when writing about films (check the comments to the entry “Mystery is all around”). Well, if there is a kiss I especially like is the one photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt in Times Square, New York and published in Life Magazine in 1945.

VJ Day in Times Square

As hard as it is to believe, this may well have been a spontaneous kiss or maybe the photographer was clearly aware of the success this kiss would have worldwide. The contrast between the dark clothes of the sailor and the white dress of the nurse is deliberate, in my opinion. But, whether it was carefully prepared or not, the photographer achieved his goal. He seems to invite us to join in the celebration. Ooops, I forgot to tell you that this romantic kiss is due to the celebration of the definitive end of World War II. Everybody was happy and relieved that day.

To tell you the truth, I keep this photo in my bedroom and it makes me feel upbeat when I look at it. In case, you want to find out more about the story behind the photo, click here.

By the way, people in the UK have two days to celebrate kissing –the thirteenth of April and the sixth of July. What do you think?

Now, it’s your turn. Are there any special kisses you want to share? 
From some photos, film scenes, commercials or advertisements or even kisses in songs, …??? Don’t miss the opportunity to do it!

Meanwhile, … I'll blow you all a kiss!


4 comentarios:

  1. I really surprise for several and different International Days there are, but it is a nice excuse to improve my English so I am going to share with you one famous photo of a kiss, very similar to Sofia’s one. In other marvelous city, The Capital of Love , Paris.
    I was shotted in 1950 for Robert Doisneau in l´Hotel de Ville. It is also said that the photo was prepared.
    But I would like to introduce you my own photo to celebrate this fantastic Kissing Day. I made it last summer in The Main Square of Salamanca, great scence. I am sharing in my INSTAGRAM profile. I´m invited you to visit my gallery, You can´t find me @vickycr74.
    On the footnote I wrote a part of the lyric of Marlango´s song.
    “We are taking step over footstep street, We are giving kiss to lend mouth”
    Sorry for this translation because the song it was written in Spanish….

  2. It’s obviously that there are a lot of good and fantastic kisses that have been important in your life. For me, I need to kiss to feel good with myself, to express my feelings. I like kissing. The kiss before I sleep to have sweet dreams. The kiss when I wake up to get the necessary energy to start a day. I kiss my mother, my sons, my husband, my friends. I love to give ‘grandmother kisses’ which sound a lot and are very long. I keep memorable kisses for ever in my soul.

    A song about kisses: “Miles de besos” by Tahures Zurdos y Luz Casal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOkJdStrFs8

  3. Hugs and kisses are probably the best things of the world. Yes, I can be a little bit boring about this, I recognize; but I feel so good after hug to my girl....

    This one could be another good option for a contest:


  4. Certainly,I like kissing how everyone,but in general I'm .
    not a kissing person
    I need to give kisses when these kisses have some feelings in them.Of course, I love kissing my family my friends but not all the time and not like a habit e.g if you go out five times from home and then if you come back another five times you should give ten or twenty kisses or more ,it depends the amount of people that stay at home in this moment.For me it is a boring custom that it doesn't say anything to me
    I'm a support of Luz Casal and she has a fun song about it (Besos al Aire) I guesst that she had reason when she wrote it ,sometimes the most kissed thing is the air .In the other words many times if you give kisses without emotion or afectivity this could become in social act like shaking hands
    I would like put here the link for you,but you know that I'm not a expert with this kinds of things,so if you want to listen to the Luz Casal's song you must search it in You Tube ,sorry