domingo, 5 de mayo de 2013

International Laughter Day

Victor Borge said "Laughter is the shortest distance between two people" and he was absolutely right, don't you agree? I think we have spent really good moments by laughing together along this year and I hope to keep doing it.

Today is another "International Day". This time "World Laughter Day". And this year seems to be our "must-days". Here's a bit of its origins.

The first World Laughter Day was held on January 11, 1998, in Mumbai, India by the creator of Laughter Yoga, Dr Madan Kataria, with the objective of laughing for World Peace. A huge success, the date was later changed to the first Sunday in May and has been observed every year since. There are Laughter Clubs in over 60 countries which meet and laugh at around midday, sending a massive wave of laughter all over the world.

Here's a flash mob where you can notice the different stages in a good fit of laughter.

It is clear that laughter unites us and is universally understood – it connects people, breaks down barriers and promotes positivity, better health and happiness.

But ... what makes you laugh nowadays? A joke? A performance? A person's fall in the snow?
Your classmates' mistakes? Write down anything you may usually laugh at and improve your health and mind.

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  1. I think that's useful can laugh about yourself. Especially when something doesn't happen how you expected. It's the first steep to do it again, in the right way.