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jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013

What's the Key on Thanksgiving?

What's the key for Thanksgiving dinner?
The tur-KEY!!!

I bet you know quite a lot of things and facts about Thanksgiving Day and its traditional dinner where the turkey and gravy sauce are the main guests. Family and friends gather and enjoy a big feast. Thanksgiving is usually the beginning of all the preparations for Christmas Day.

As we have pointed out above, the most important thing is to have a good turkey. Following a nineteenth-century tradition (although it seems not to be very clear), American people give the President some turkeys which are raised for the whole year until the day before Thanksgiving when the President must issue a pardon for one of the turkeys.

This year he had to decide on Caramel or Popcorn, the two turkeys.

This is what has been published about these two birds:

"Caramel is a steady and deliberate bird that enjoys soybean meal and rocking out to Lady Gaga," a statement on the White House blog said. "When Popcorn is feeling peckish, he can't stop snacking on his namesake, corn, and has been known to strut around to Beyonce's 'Halo.'"

Do you want to know which turkey has been pardoned? Click here and read to find out.

What do you think of this tradition? Do you think it's a good idea? What are you thankful for?
I'll be thankful for your comments. ;-)

6 comentarios:

  1. I had never heard about this tradition and I seems to me that this is a strange tradition.
    The president must issue a pardon for one of the turkyes and I wonder...what are they going to do with the turkey which hasn't been pardoned? If they are going to eat it they should to make sure that the turkey hasn't been poisoned.

  2. I never heard about this tradiction, I knew that thanksgivin is very important for Americans and that they have turkey for dinner. This tradiction is very American and I love all tradiction in worldwide, they are very important because they say a lot of think about the history, the culture and the people from a country.
    I don’t understand, why do the Americans give a turkey to their president? We will never give a turkey to Rajoy for dinner. Americans are very diferent and their tradictionts too.
    I don’t Know wich turkey will be luky. I am sure that both want to live, poor turkeys.

  3. I´ve heard about the turkeys and the President on TV. I wonder how does he decide wich turkey is going to live? If I was he, I couldn´t do it.
    I have a lot of things to thank: my husband, my family, my dogs, my friends, to have a nice house. All these things make possible I live a good and happy life, especially when I think about people who haven´t got family, friends or a home.

  4. Thanksgiving day is an old tradition very famous in the States and of course people used to take some days of holidays to meet the family and friends. Beyond the religious interpretation of the feast,this day has a very important meaning and I love it: we must be grateful with our lifes and with the persons that are involved on it.
    I'm grateful with my family and with
    my life,always full of hopes.
    About the turkeys,their names,the president pardoning one I think is surrealístic. Where these pardoned turkeys over the years live? In a geriatric zoo in the Florida Cays?

  5. I´ve heard about Thanksgiving Day because it´s an important day for American people, and I saw the President issued a pardon for one of the turkeys on TV some years ago.
    Maybe, this tradition is because everyone eats turkey on the traditional dinner on Thanksgiving Day, turkey is the main course.
    I think this tradition is a bit silly and why only issue one turkey?

  6. I think is a good a idea, that Family and friends gather and enjoy a big feast. However, I don´t understand why they cook turkey to dinner and on the other hand their President pardon another turkey´s life. But custom are it. It´s the same as Groundhog Day