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miércoles, 11 de diciembre de 2013

My Kind of Job

 Hi there,

At last, a new entry ... but this one is not like the rest of entries this academic year. This entry has been created by one of your classmates in 1NI, Erma. She has a unique job. Definitely, it's worth having a look at what she has to tell us about it.

"I have a rewarding job. I’m an international judge of Artistic Gymnastics for women. It’s a very nice and difficult job. I need to be concentrated on the gymnasts' performances for a lot of hours, I have to judge a lot of aspects and parameters in a very short amount of time, such as execution, style, difficulty of the exercise, balance, ... Although it's hard, I love it.

Balance Beam

There are several different judges in a competition. Difficulty panel judges that is formed by two judges; Execution panel formed by five judges and two Reference judges apart from Line and Time judges. The difficulty judges give the exercise value. The Execution judges give the penalization.

I have taken part in many international events as World Cups, European Championships and World Championships. I was in the World Championship, which took place in Antwerpen (Belgium) last October.

Here's a photo of our extraordinary Spanish gymnast, Roxana Popa. She got a really good position in her last championship.

Uneven Bars

In Antwerpen, we were around eighty judges, from all over the world, to judge three competitions; classification, all around and apparatus final. After a draw, I had to judge the vault exercise in all around competition as well as uneven bars in apparatus final.

Floor Exercise

 All judges must pass difficult exams after each Olympic Games so that they can maintain the category they have or get a better or worse category. They range from four to one categories. Only category one and two are allowed to judge in the Olympic Games. I am category two although I’ve never judged in the Olympic Games. I hope to be part of the next board of judges in the next Games which will be taking place in Rio de Janeiro in 2016."

Thanks a lot for this enlightening entry on the topic, Erma. We all want to wish you the best of luck and we really hope to hear from you in the next Olympic Games 2016. :-))

OK, dear pupils, it's your turn to join and participate in this entry with your comments. What do you think of Erma's job? Do you find it interesting? Have you ever stopped and thought of the role judges have in competitions? 

5 comentarios:

  1. Hi,
    I don´t like Artistic Gymnastics, It is very boring for me, but I think It´s an interesting job.I wonder if a judge only works the competition days, in that case it must be a great job ;-)

  2. Hi,
    I think that this is an interesting job, and I'm sure its maybe very dificult .I wouldn't like to be a judge, any kind of judge. I always have doubts, so I can't be a good judge.By the other hand... I'm thinking about a gymnastes, they are too younger for a so hard job . They aren't?

  3. Hello.
    After read this topic I guess that Erna is a fortunate girl. Her job gives her the possibility to traveller , visit different country, be in contact with the athletes and see the games in the best position.It is amazing and exciting. Her job has a bad side , because if her decision isn't the correct, she can harm all the athlete's work , the athletes are prepareting during a long time and a grown decision can be terrible to them. I guess that it can be hard to Erma, but I think that she is prepared to do this corretly. Finaly I only can say that I envy her job. Bye

  4. Javier Peñas 1NI(2)12 de diciembre de 2013, 9:43

    I'm impressed. With open mouth I have been.
    I think it's a very interesting job. Difficult, but interesting.
    For me, the best part is all these countries and cities will have visited. You give me great envy.
    I have a question, when there is no competition, that's what you do?
    Compared to my life ... I think this is very interesting.
    My job is very boring.
    I like your work.

  5. Hi
    The best of Erna´s job is that she is travelling as international judge of Artistic Gymnastic around the world, and she is knowing other country other culture, other custom, I envy to her to travel.
    In my opinion her job is dificult enough and much responsibility since the gymnastic depend her decision as judge, I never could be judge an international competitions because I will never be sure of my decision.