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domingo, 22 de diciembre de 2013

Celebrating Christmas

One more year we have celebrated the traditional Christmas Party. In my case, every year in a different school but with the same spirit. The predictions were fulfilled; you, my dear pupils, participated enthusiastically and we all had fun.

Your short stories invaded our classroom walls. We read and voted them. Being “The Wings” and “Life Itself” the two awarded ones. You will have the opportunity to re-read every story after the holidays since they will be displayed on the school walls again.

The slideshow Daniel had prepared with more than forty photos was viewed by all of you. It was exciting to see you all moving from one room to another deciding on the photos or the stories to vote. After counting the votes and due to the rules of the contest, only three of your stunning photos could be given a prize -a photo frame with the winning photo!!!

Some of your tasty dishes

Surprisingly enough, we had to wait for a few minutes -although it seemed hours to some of us, to taste the delicious dishes you had warmly prepared for the cookery contest. Everything was really tasty … Christmas biscuits, chocolate cookies, scrumptious cakes (white chocolate, yoghurt, lemon, …) and brownies, apple crumble, trifle, … Not only did we eat sweets but also tuna pie, macaroni, Spanish omelette, “quesada” or two typical dishes from Colombia. The jury had a really difficult task in choosing the winning dishes.

The Trifle, the Brownie and The Coconut Biscuits were the winning dishes

In the end, and after the award ceremony full of clapping, cheering, hugs and kisses, we sang and danced memorable Christmas songs as in any celebration worth its salt.


Well, it’s time to finish this entry but before that, I would like to congratulate every participant, even you got a prize or a small gift or not, you did the most important part of this Christmas party, you made it possible. Thanks a lot.

Many thanks to the rest of pupils who joined us and had a great time together. I’m sure it was worth spending the evening at school. And thanks to Daniel, Eva and Carmen for being patient with me and all my fussy questions and last-minute suggestions.

To all of you …

3 comentarios:

  1. Hello, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for all classmates and teachers
    I go to write some because people are lazy at Christmas and I take advantage of wish you the best for the New Year. These day are different and special, we spend more time with our family and enjoy watching our children waiting the Reyes Magos' pressents. I hope it's the same for you.
    The best wishes.

    1. Again beginning another different year and wishes are in the top. Last year it was awesome I'd enjoyed a lot and I hope this year will be de same. .even better. I'm getting bored laying in my bed watching tv killing time, doing nothing creative. But now I'm ready to starting a new year thinking how to improve my knowledge. ..going to another level my English. So ther's only one way as a one teacher said Work hard, be concentrated, staying in touch with the everything means English. Are you going to follow this advise ..I hope you do..

    2. Of course, I'll do. I'll try to improve my English as much as I can. The sooner, the better .. ;)