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miércoles, 13 de noviembre de 2013

Blood is thicker than water

The title of this entry is a saying in English "Blood is thicker than water". It means that family relationships are more important than any other types of relationships in life. Do you agree? I partly do.

Family will not deceive you and it's obvious you can count on them, at least most of the times. ;) I do not have a very big extended family but we get on well together. I know my mother's side of the family much better than my father's. However, I would have liked to have much more information about my ancestors or been able to draw my family tree to my great-great grandparents.

What about you? Where did your ancestors come from? Did you ever meet your great-grandparents?

Click here if you want to practise your listening skills. You'll hear about Randall's family history, particularly about his grandmother, Ana María Cavazos.

How was it? Easy or difficult for you?

And finally, if you want to sing and dance with this anthem from the seventies, here's the song we have sung in first intermediate classes.

15 comentarios:

  1. Thanks for the link to the listening! It´s easy, Maybe you could include this listening in the next exam ;-)
    I have no idea from where my ancestors come from but I don´t mind too much. You really sing songs in class?

    1. Don't worry, Jose! There will be harder listenings throughout the year. And since you're wondering, yeah, we've sung the other day, it was fantastic. We're thinking about recording a lip dub, do you want to join us?

  2. I have good luck because I met my great-grandfather and my great-grandmother!!!!
    They died when I was 12 year-old.
    Nowadays my grandma is 81 year-old and I love her.
    For me, grandparents are very important !!!!

    1. You're a lucky woman!!! Do you have good memories from them? I bet you will.
      Keep blogging!! ;)

  3. I would like but I haven´t met my great- grandparents.
    However, I know the family history because specially my grandfather loved to tell and we loved to listen him about it.

    1. I wish I had been told stories and my family history as you were but I only knew my grandmother on my father's side. She used to live far from me so we didn't spend a lot of time together.

  4. I haven`t look bad because my grandfather and grandmother died whwn i was litte . and my father died when i was 28 yeras old an my mother also died five yeras ago. ando y am sad about it, because they said goobye too soon.
    I come from Madrid but my family's mother come from El Espinar and my family`s father comer fom Alpedrete
    All of them were and are very important for me.I actually really miss my parents
    Now i have my aunt ando i have very luck for it. Also i have my family; my hunsband an my children.
    is fun to sing in clas.
    thanks for your blog

  5. I have listened the video about Randall´s family history many a time and I have understood it.
    I don´t know from where my ancestors come, but I would like to know. I knew my
    father´s parents, but no to my mother´s parents, and I remember some history that my father told me about his family. The ancestors of my mother are more difficult because, my mother from a village from Vigo and, except one sister who lives in Madrid, the rest family lives in differents village from Vigo

  6. Blood,roots,family. . .Everybody want to belong to something or be a part of a family. But many times family is a damn. I disagree concernig this entry. Family is overrated. Sometimes unknown people became more important than family suddenly.

  7. Always the family is with you, even when you have problems, in that moments are when you are realise that the blood is thicker than water.
    I have relation with both sides but we spend more time with the mother'side because are fewer people and my grandmother is alive.

  8. I didn't meet my great parents, the people die soon in my family. I only remember my grand mathers and I only met very well to one. I have got two brother and a sister and I get along with them, we have something in common. My family have grown because my brothers had children and they are tinking in increase their families. I don't know about my ancertors but I would like to know somethings about them, it can be very interesting.
    The song is dificult for me because my ears are very hard, but I love music and I think that the musicians and singers are the best professions in the world, they arrive, arrived and will arrive to everybody forever.
    Rosario 1NI

  9. I didn´t know to my grandparents of my father´s side of the family.
    My grandfather was born in Germany at the end of nineteenth century.
    When he arrived to Spain,he was a young diplomat.He was living in San Sebastian where he met my grandmother.She was born in a small and beautiful valley,called Regil,near to San Sebastian.
    They had six children,two daughters and four sons.My father was the younger.
    They lived in Spain during the second World War and they had lived in Germany while the civil war was happening in Spain.
    Much of my german family died in the Holocaust,in the concentrations camps. My surname is jewish.

  10. Unfortunately I haven't met none of my grandfathers and nobody told me anything about them. .My blood is made up of three nations , one of my grandfathers was Grek an another was Romanian they both were dead before I was been born. Instead my grandmothers was another story they both were Ungarians and one of they are still a life, she has reached 89 years old recently. The blood is thicker than water normally it is true, but I can tell many times I trust more in my soulmate. .than in my family.

  11. Javier Peñas 1NI(2)19 de noviembre de 2013, 7:32

    I've tended all.
    My paternal grandfather died when I was 10. He died at age 80. My maternal grandmother died in 2006 at age 99.
    My mother, died at 99, with 76 years and ten days before my brother married. It was a blow to the family. My maternal grandmother, has left us this year, in March, at the age of 90.
    To my great grandparents I have not come to know, but my parents tell me stories of their grandparents. Of life that led, which was very hard.
    For me, meet the grandparents has been a privilege, I think they are the best. But it is the law of life ...
    I would like not forgotten never, but I think that is very difficult to get.

  12. I have 3 brothers, a sister and 9 nieces and nephews. My father died when I was 17 and my mother is 86. The family is very important, although I also think you don´t choose your family. I mean I love my family, but sometimes I can´t stand any member of it.
    I only met my grandfather on my father´s side and he died when I was a child. My mother talked me about her parents. My grandfather on my mother´s side came from Granada and went to work to Palencia, where he met my grandmother. He died at the beginning of Civil War. When I was a child I liked to hear some stories about him.