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martes, 18 de diciembre de 2012

Is honesty the best policy?

Is honesty the best policy? The answer is yes. Since we are children, we are taught the importance of  honesty and why we should be honest. We try to do our best to be honest to our family, friends, teachers, and almost everybody we meet. However, when we find out how dishonesty has helped some people achieve extraordinary things easily and swiftly, we tend to go the wrong way.

Honesty is essential in everything we do. We are honest to create a good impression when we meet someone and ensure the other person that we are reliable and trustworthy. Sometimes we can feel weak in some situations but we are aware of the fact that honest and sincere people are always given many chances to prove themselves. However, in case of dishonest people, second chance is very rare to come. Once a person has proved to be dishonest, it will be difficult for us to trust again.

Click here and listen to Aiman and Todd talking about the culture of bribes in business.

How honest are you? Have you ever had to face a business situation in which a bribe was involved? Would you accept a bribe for any reasons?
Have you ever done a dishonest thing? What was it? How did you feel?

2 comentarios:

  1. I have already told you in class. I stole a book when I was a child and inmediately the guards of Corte Inglés caught me. My career as thief didn´t go very far.
    About the conversation, I think that the problem in those countries is that the society doesn´t believe that the bribery is something bad. This is the normal way that they have known all their lifes.
    It´s different in our countries. In principle, everybody can report about these behaviours and the media take care of the health of the democracy. In fact, most of theses reports or scandals don´t go very far. There is no real consequences.

  2. For countries like Syria,Pakistan...bribery is a normal way to solve situations,they live with that culture.
    I have never done a dishonest action although I´ve had the opportunity.
    I can´t say that I´ll never accept a bribe.I consider me an honest person but if some day I live in an extreme situation and I need money,who knows....