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jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2012

Hopes, dreams and ambitions

One day, I'd like to achieve all my hopes, dreams and ambitions. I'm not particularly an ambitious person who only tries to succeed in life without considering what other people want, dream or hope. However, I must admit that I usually get what I want and that makes me feel happy and satisfied with myself.

Here's a video for you to watch. The artist Candy Chang turned an abandoned house in her New Orleans neighbourhood into a huge chalkboard, asking her neighbours to fill in the following sentence "Before I die I want to ..." 
Her neighbours wrote amazing messages. 
Watch the video, reflect on it and ... What's your answer?

Before I die I want to ... make the people around me as happy as I can. At some point, I'd absolutely love to make them have peace of mind, take their worries out and make them aware of the genuinely important things in life.

There are also a lot of other things that I'd like to do before I die. Just to set an example, I can tell you that I've always wanted to run the world's largest marathon, yeah, you're right, I'd like to run the New York City marathon. Wouldn't it be amazing? But if I have to be realistic, I'd try, at least, to take part in it, if not finish it. New York is always an exciting place to visit.

So, now it's your turn. My aim with this entry is to make you all write a little bit, so put on your thinking caps and start blogging.

What are your hopes, dreams and ambitions? Will you be able to achieve them before you die?

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  1. " Before I die I want to know the true answer to this question and do it"

    That´s one of the most curious ideas I´ve read in www.beforeidie.com . I´ve been investigating in this website and I was delighted with the idea, how a simple question make you think about your life and what you really want to get ( forgetting the nonsenses). Of course, I added mine too.
    However I discovered the part " build your own" where I expected to download the logos or posters but I found out that you have to pay for your toolkit, for instance. Then I realize that this is just a business. I guess I´m a little naive, talking about feelings or expectations I never thought in money, did you?

    About my hopes, dreams and ambitions I have to say that my only hopes is being healthy enough to enjoy my people, I dream with getting my desires become true and I know I´m so ambitious that, really, I´m not going to finish ever but I´m enough patient to get my little achivements and being happy with this.

  2. I don´t consider myself as an ambitious person, although perhaps too idealistic, so this kind of questions are very difficult to answer, because I don´t have only a dream or only one thing to do before I die.
    One of my goals in life is to follow the philosopher Eduardo Galeano´s actions and his words and to try that everybody believe in that. He has many videos in Youtube, but the most are in Spanish, and I usually listen them when I watch bad news in the TV. He is my refuge and my hope. I get to dream and to believe in sentences like "people won´t work for living,but they will live for working"; "World won´t be wars against poor people, but against the poverty"...and things like that.
    So..Things that I have to do before die..there´s only one: To shout for the right to delirium!!! (I promise I will live each day like if everyday will be my last day, and each day like it will be the first)

  3. I think this idea is very interesting, amazing and beautiful. It is a great idea because people can show their feelings and the question "Before I die I want to" can make them reflect about those feelings.
    I have two different dreams to fulfill:
    1. In my professional life my dreams are to finish my doctoral thesis and work at University as a teacher; and my ambition is create my own business with my friends.
    2. In my personal life, I would like sharing my life with my boyfriend. And, above all, I want people around me to be healthy and happy as well.
    Be happy!

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  6. I don´t like these kind of videos or messagges. Here we can see the sign of our times. Nowdays, we try to find our "philosophy", our own way of life in a TV Show. Everything, even the most important, is so trivial or superficial that there are many people who think that they can buy happiness in a commercial centre. However, I am agreed with a sentence that Candy says: "Thinking about death clarify your life". Cioran, a french philospher, said thah the best way to overcome worries is to visit a cementery. It´s better than the doctor.
    Anyway, I want to fill the famous sentence: "Before I die, I want to be myself". Most of the mistakes of my life came of not choosing the paths that I was made for. Finally, three specific wishes: to study Spanish Philology, to run the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert and the most difficult: to make happy to my partner day after day.

  7. Before i die i want to be comfortable with myself. To live near the beach. To write another book and, why not, live from writing.To have tranquility for to do what i like. Not depend on anyone. To travel around the world. To love and to be loved forever. But all this is a dream. A nice dream.

  8. I´m not an ambitious person to achieve materials things but like most of people I like achieving some little goals every day.
    Before I die I want to visit some overcrowded cities and some isolated places with amazing views.I love knowning different places and people.
    Before I die I want to spend some time in an underdeveloped country helping poor children without family and home.I hope it runs in the right way soon.
    Before I die I want to see very glad and healthy to all my family and friends.