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sábado, 15 de diciembre de 2012

Christmas came to town

Ho, ho, ho!!!

Yesterday was a great day at the Official School of Languages in Ciudad Rodrigo. We celebrated our particular Christmas party. We started at about three o'clock, lunchtime, and we could taste the scrumptious dishes pupils and teachers had lovingly prepared for this special event.

I'm completely sure all of us can say that we had a great time together, we ate, drank, talked, sang and danced.

The pupils learning Portuguese received their presents from "Their Invisible Friends" and we could realise that the pupils at EOI Ciudad Rodrigo are not only good at cooking but also at handcrafting, since some of the presents had been made by them. The English Department organised a raffle among all the dishes the pupils of English had cooked. The winners were María from 1NI, with her so-called cheesecake and Sergio from 2NI, with his potatoes with mayo and the typical Spanish "jeta". Congratulations to both of them, which we want to extend to all the participants, who enlivened the party until the end.

The only downside was that many pupils could not attend because of the time or other affairs. Who knows, maybe next time?? But don't worry you can find out more if you ...

Click here and thanks to David, you'll be able read about the party in Ciudad Rodrigo al Día.

Well, MANY THANKS FOR JOINING THE CELEBRATION !!! And giving me the opportunity to meet you outside of the routine classes have!!!

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  1. I´m sorry but as i told you i couldn´t go. For the next.

    1. I know, I know, ... you told me but we miss you and your guitar a lot. You may well have delighted us with some Christmas songs, don't you think?

      Don't worry, I really hope this was not the last celebration of this academic year, je,je,je. ;-)