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lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

Tell me some stories, please!

Last Thursday, 20th of March, we gathered at the Community Centre in El Espinar to meet some fantastic storytellers -pupils like all of us who like storytelling.

Jose Ignacio, your classmate from 1NI, sort of decided to write an entry for the blog, which I really appreciate. This is what he writes:

Wordle: Storytelliing Titles

Once upon a time, in a  far, faraway land ...

I want to begin this blog entry this way, but it really happened a few days ago here, in El Espinar.

As part of other school activities, a funny group of people came to El Espinar to tell us some stories in English, of course! Right now, I must have forgotten some of them, but I can remember more than ten. However, I am sure that the most important objective was that we realized we can understand English in a real situation, we are even able to speak English fluently. Why not?

A lot of stories spoke about animals. We could learn why leopards have spots on their skin. We met the first coloured bat in the world (it is Galician! Can you believe it?). Penguins were transported to the zoo in a lorry which broke down. A man bought a rat toy with a strange secret: All the real rats near the toy followed it! The man got panic and threw the toy away in the sea. Of course, all the rats drowned. This was its secret! And I want to finish this paragraph by writing about a donkey which could forecast the weather because of its ears. Since then, donkeys have been employed as advisers of kings, presidents, senators, etc. I wonder if this is our current problem! Congratulations to Pilar, who told us this story. She spoke in public for the very first time. I have never done that, and I think I will not be able to do it, so I write again: Congratulations!

We could also hear about people. For example, a queen without hair. "Well", she thought, "I will not have to spend time brushing my hair". One must make the best of a bad job. We knew why Chinese people dress in red and make a terrible noise when their New Year starts. We travelled to Heaven doors where Saint Peter had a lot of problems to manage a lot of people who have just arrived there. Do not ask why!

Another story told us about two fishermen. The first one was saying to the other how he could earn a lot of money fishing to be rich. And the second one answered him:

-"Why do you think I am doing what I want to do?" Yes, he was a rich man.

Finally, the last two stories I can remember. In one of them there was an old shoemaker with a brilliant memory, but a procrastinating person. And the last one narrated about a group of people having problems in their mouths who cannot extinguish a magic English candle.

The principal of The Official School of Languages invited us to join the group. It can be interesting! What do you think about it?

Great job, Jose Ignacio! Thanks for refreshing our minds and making us remember that wonderful evening we spent together. It was well worth!

Storytellers in El Espinar

Thanks to our head Mar Melchor and the storytellers Madalen Sánchez, Alba Gallego, Sofía Gómez, Mercedes Rodríguez, Lorenzo Moreno, Elena Arévalo, Mercedes Sanoja, Pilar Zomeño and Rosa Toril. We are looking forward to meeting you again!

And thanks to all the pupils who attended. Without your participation, the show won't have been possible.

And finally, just tell you that I liked every single story but if I had to choose one, I'd definitely choose "The Candle" because it was one of the stories my auntie used to tell me at bedtime. It reminded me vividly of my childhood.

Now, it's your turn. What story did you most enjoy? Which one made you think of your childhood or another moment in your life? Would you like to join this group?
Leave your comments.

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  1. What can I say! For sure it's worth spending time ,blocking or listening to story.I, ve tried to go there but I wasn't able .As usually José Ignacio has been there and I can tell, he enjoyed a lot ( having a blast).I could recognised some storys but I like it the perfect and the shorter .How to be millionaire? Doing what you like .I really don't think the money are the more importantly thing in this life, it a fact without money you have to fight to survive but living in peace doing what grateful with the very little instead running away all your life being obsessed about money! it's another different story.