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jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014

Another vs. Other

The difference between these two words is really simple, however hard it seems to be for you all. Let’s see if this entry can help you with it.

ANOTHER is normally followed by a singular noun. Look at the photos.

I've got a grammar book, which I highly recommend.

I've got another grammar book to recommend.

However, another can be followed by a number with a plural noun or by few.
For example,

-         You will find another three examples in the exercise below. (= You will find three more examples in the exercise below.)

-         You can do another few exercises from the grammar book English Grammar in Use.

OTHER is followed by a plural noun. 
For example,

But I've got other grammar books with lots of activities to  do.

Other can also be used as an adjective, it has no plural form. OTHERS is a pronoun, which means other ones or other people.
For example,

-         Where are the other grammar books?
-         Can you tell the others that I’ll be spending the weekend here?

Let’s consider some sentences!

  1. (In a clothes shop) I love that sweater. Have you got any _____ colours?
  2. (At the restaurant) Can I have _____ bottle of water, please?
  3. (A pupil at the school) I wish I had _____ few weeks to study before doing the final test.
  4. (In our classroom) We need _____ chair here.
  5. (At the garage) I’m afraid you will have to buy _____ car. This is very old.
  6. (At the office) Some employees are working hard these weeks, _____ aren’t.
  7. (At the travel agent’s) We can offer you _____ destinations, which I’m completely sure you’ll love.
  8. (The teacher) We can continue practising _____ day if you need it.

The key is on the first comment. How well did you do it?

3 comentarios:

  1. KEY
    5. ANOTHER 6. OTHERS (pronoun) 7. OTHER 8. ANOTHER

  2. Hi everybody,
    After studying the entry, it seems easy! I've made the exercises and I haven't made any mistake. But in a real situation I'm sure I'll make it.
    Thanks a lot, Sophie.

  3. Hi, these difference seem easy to know.
    Thanks Sophie! ;)