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martes, 11 de marzo de 2014

Do vs. Make

Today, the difference between these two verbs, do and make. They have very similar meanings, and it is sometimes difficult to choose between them.

When we talk about an activity without specifying what it is, we tend to use do.

-         What are you doing? I’m doing nothing.
-         I’m not sure what to do about it.

Do is used to talk about work and what I usually call “boring and repetitive activities”.

-         I don’t mind doing the housework but I hate doing the cooking and shopping.
-         Don’t forget to do your homework.

Make is often used to express the idea of creation or “more productive activities”.

-         Let’s make a plan for next weekend!
-         Christine has just made another delicious carrotcake.

Study the diagrams below.

Common expressions with the verb DO

Common expressions with the verb MAKE

In some cases, there are no clear rules. If you are not sure about which verb you have to use, choose make –it’s more likely to be right.

Let's do a bit of practising!  Make an effort and try to give the correct answers. Don't forget to use the verb in its correct form.

1. I enjoy _____ these exercises a lot. They help me improve my English.
2. I've spent the whole morning at home. I _____ the ironing, I _____ the beds and I've just _____ a birthday cake for my sister. 
3. My neighbour upstairs is always _____ noise in the middle of the night.
4. The athlete _____ a decision. He was going to ____ an attempt to raise money for the poor countries in Africa and Asia.
5. He has _____ sport since he was at school. He's really keen on it.
6. "_____ me a favour, will you? Could you please _____ an appointment with the dentist for me?"
7. In a few weeks' time, you will be _____ your final exams so _____ a big effort and study harder.
8.  I do hope you have _____ some progress with this entry.

The answers, as always, on the first comment. 

3 comentarios:

  1. KEY:
    1. doing
    2. did / made / made
    3. making
    4. made / make
    5. done
    6. Do / make
    7. doing / make
    8. made

  2. I´ve just done the exercise and I´ve made one mistake. I´m hopeful that I´ll be able to make no mistakes... one day in the future. Anyway, doing exercises like this helps me a lot.

    1. And I'm very proud of you, Isabel. You didn't make any mistakes so you must have done your best!!! Keep doing it ;)