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domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2013


I especially like writing the introductions to your own entries rather than to mine. This time we are going to have a look at a recent event, the fiftieth anniversary of Martin Luther King's speech in Washington D.C., thanks to your classmate, Mercedes. She is offering you the opportunity to think and write about a huge variety of topics, such as the importance of historical events like this, equality of rights, honesty, your fulfilled or unfulfilled dreams, or the characteristics of King's speech. Whatever you would like to write about, the sky is the limit.

 I have a dream

Everybody has a dream, everybody dreams about getting something, everybody wants to be higher, richer or happier, … When we were children, in class the teacher always questioned us what we would like in the future. But we all know what one of the most famous meanings of this sentence is.

Forty  years ago, an activist from USA said those words in a massive march while they were protesting for their rights.  Martin Luther King’s speech started with “I have a dream”, a very simple expression which has become a legend.

Martin Luther King was a black pastor who spent all his life fighting against the social injustices suffered by the black people in the USA. He was the leader of an important movement appeared in that country which wanted to get the vote in a democratic system, the same salary for everybody, the difference between children in public schools, … One of the most famous actions was the buses boycott in Montgomery, when another activist, Rosa Parks, didn’t want to lend her place on the bus in favour of a white man. The black society started to organize in a huge movement led by Martin Luther King.

On 28th August of 1963 he headed the Protest of Washington for Job and Freedom in the Capitolium Square in front of almost 250,000 people. In that space, he pronounced one of the most important speeches of the history. Martin is considered the best speaker of the century even he got to change the world, at least he started.

Thanks to this character, one of my favourite men, today I can say this sentence with another different sense. In my case, to have a dream is not related with something material, for me to have a dream goes further than that. So I have a dream: to be free.

Thanks again, Mercedes for your work and ideas. This space would like to continue having your reflections on different topics, so keep blogging!!! Now the turn is yours. What do you think?

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  1. Just a curiosity,

    "March 2, 1955.
    A young black woman is arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white man in Alabama. Civils rights leaders and the ACLU rush to her side and she will be a symbol of the struggle against segregation. Her name is Claudette Colvin ans she´s 15 years old. She´s also unmarried and pregnant. Civil rights leaders and the ACLU decide that Colvin is not the best foot forward and stand down. Eight months later, Rosa Parks happens, but during eight months, a brilliant and charismatic young minister gets the attention of the community and is chosen to lead the bus boycotts. If Claudette Colvin doesn´t get pregnat, if the´ve gone in the spring instead of eights months later, Martin Luther King is a preacher you´ve never heard of in Montgomery."

    Extract from The Newsroom, 2x7, minutes from 42 to 43.

    Even for the revolution you need publicity and fit in the world.

    The invisible one.