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martes, 8 de octubre de 2013

You decide :):

Back once again!!! This time just to spend much more time together at least this new academic year which I hope it will be as awesome as the previous ones. ;-)

Well, as you may know, last week it was another "must" on this blog the International or World Smile Day. I bet you smile every day but have you ever stopped your daily life and activities and thought about what things and what kind of people make you smile? That's what I suggest we all could do now.

First of all, I have to say that I like smiling and that I try hard to find situations which can help me do it every single hour of the day. I have lots of reasons for it and I guess you all, too. It can be at work, at home, in the street, when you are alone, a whatsapp or message from a friend, a colleague or an acquaintance or even you can smile while dreaming. 

According to experts, smiling and laughing can prevent a lot of diseases apart from improving our self-image towards other people and make our social life much more rewarding. The thing is that sometimes we don't realise how important a smile can be to change other people's hard day into a warmer one. The power is ours, it's simple; the only thing we have to do is to bring a smile to our lips and wait for a happy face in exchange. Nobody regrets smiling so that's why we all should do it. Time starting now ...

I must admit that you, my pupils, make me smile and laugh my head off most of the times, not only when you are afraid of mispronouncing a word or using new words or expressions but also when you arrive at or leave school and you say "hello" or "bye-bye" to your classmates and me.
Looking at my little nieces playing or listening to them talking or baby-talking is another smiling situation for me. And I could name many other ones such as going to the shops, meeting people in the street, watching a funny sitcom on TV, looking at a billboard near a road, ... look around you and name them.

So, what things make you smile? Who do you usually smile at? Do you enjoy smiling? How often do you do it? Leave your comments -they'll be welcome.

Don't forget to smile. You decide :):

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  1. Respuestas
    1. I prefer laughing to smiling.
      I think there is an important difference.
      When one laughs is more profound in the body and the spirit.
      I believe the person is more affected happily in his/her own being.
      I have more fun when I cry with laughter.
      That is, crying of laughter is my favourite sport.
      Especially I laugh uproariously in funny situations that happen in my day
      to day with people and myself.
      Do you know that I laugh with the same intensity when I remember it?
      However, I smile because of shyness, when I want to be nice to someone, by
      courtesy, in solidarity.
      In the end I don´t want to ever stop laughing or smiling

  2. We are going to use it a lot this year.

  3. I like much that you have written, I think that the people should laugh else and so the people will be more happen.
    I´m going to answer to your questions.
    I smile when I look at to my family happen, and I like smiling, and I look for way by getting it.

  4. First , I want to congratulate you for your brilliant idea with the blog..so in this way we can share different subjects to get know each other better, but now lets go back to our subject. Many things make me smile , my son , my wife,my dog my coworkers and not least my classmates, where usually I'm cracking up.I try to smile as much as can because,I know that thing helps a others people to be happy too..and furthermore it's good for my health.

  5. If we´re talking about smiling and not laughing I bet that my list would be large enough for blocking the blog.
    A lot of different kind of things make me smile. Usually these kind of things are very simple things, such a youtube video, a nice word from a stranger , another smile, an ad on tv, cartoons, a complicit look...
    On the other hand I can talk about my smiles related with feelings, and here we go again with the ad on TV (they really know how to play with us), when someone sends you a photo about a funny situation or just a moment of his life. When somebody shares somthing with you or when you can see the happiness in the eyes of the people you love. When a look means thanks or I understand you. I appreciate these kind of things so I try to give my smile too.
    You can say a lot with your words but with a smile the meaning is powerful.
    In my opinipon if we were aware of how easy is having a better world we would smile more than we do; so, please, remind me if I forget it!!

    In any case the topic reminds me a catchy song, I´m sure you know it.

    The invisible one, again. ;)

  6. Ohh.. I´m really agreed with you. The people should smile and lough more, overcoat in this time. I love smile, it´s the best pleasure of live. I lough and smile everyday, I don´t care what happends. When I have a bad day I call my friends and they make me happy, there isn´t anything better. Make me laugh is very easy, i´m a person very positive, and i´ve got a good sense of humour.
    The thing that make me the happiest of the world is see my family happy.. i´m sure.
    I believe that smile and lough is something that I won´t never forgot to do.

    Congratulations for this text, i like it so much.
    See you soon :)

  7. Hello, it’s a great blog because smile is something very important in the life of all of us. Smiling, we can change a bad day for a better day.
    I smile with much frequency with my classmates of practices, with my nephew, my grandparents, my mum, my boyfriend etc., but the people which I smile much more are with my friends. I smile and laugh in different situations even my.
    I like smile because it mean I’m happy. So I think that should be a requirement that everyone laughed at least once a day.

    A greeting

  8. This blog is a great idea because smile is all you need to tackle the problems and profit the good moments. I always said: ''if it has a solution, why worry? And if it doesn't has a solution, why worry?

    Good idea :)

  9. I am totaly agree with this thought.
    I think is very rewarding living the life with humor sense... smile and laugh.
    I try do it every day
    I´m happy because many friends say about me that I am with who more they laugh..!
    It´s very nice that the people remember you because you did laugh them.
    The humor sense is the best of sense..!

  10. First at all, I think this blog is a great idea. It can help us to learn English more and better.
    About the subject you propose, I love smiling and laughing. There are a lot of things make me smile or laugh every day: a joke on Internet, a comedy on TV and especially my family, my friends and my dogs.
    Smiling is free, do it every day! It can do your life nicer.

  11. Marina de la Torre14 de octubre de 2013, 2:19

    First, Congratulations for the blog. This blog is a great idea, I like it.
    For me, Smile every day is very important. There are millions of things that make me smile, as well as: my family, my friends, TV shows, songs, and so on. I love being happy and smiling
    In my opinion, Everyone should smile at least once a day.

  12. I try to smile every day. I think that I´m a positive person and I like smiling to the life.
    The things that do me to smile are: my wife, my nephews, see happy to my family; a lot of things.
    But in this momento, the economy crisis, smiling is very difficult for me. But every day I smile.
    The next year will be better

  13. I'm absolute agree, I remember when my brother told me about a woman that was asking for money in the train, she gave to my brother a paper and she continued to distributing papers, where she showed her problems with the money.

    My brother decided to donate money for her, and when he was talking me about this, he said “i don't know who must to be grateful, she for a couple of coins or me for this smile, It made me happy...”

    definitly a smile is the best “Thank you” and the best present that a person can give in the day-to-day

  14. Writing in a blog is new for me and I like the idea.
    Currently, our life is a hurry, work ( if the person have a job despite the crisis ) and people don't have any time to smile too much.
    I prefer stopping, not being in a hurry and looking around me and enjoying with everything that I have in my life, for example my family.
    I'm a optimistic person, I like smile all the day, when somebody say me hello, when I meet with my friends...
    When I'm at home with my children, we seem a bit crazy and a bit clowns. We don't smile, then we laugh.
    I prefer smiling instead of criying. Smiling is life for me.Some people said that smiling makes life longer, I think so, too. Facing up to the problems with a smile, it's the best.

  15. not many thinks makes me smile, I try to make smile to the people in everywhere and I try to smile all the time, but this not always happen

  16. To begin, I must say that this text made me think because with only one smile you can see the world with another point of view. All people never forget that smile is the best feeling that you can experiment and above all that smiling can help people forget their problems and feel happy, as they smile is so pleasant a feeling that when you practice everything else seems better.

  17. We don't normally write on blogs but this is a good start.

  18. there are a lot of situations where you can smile, p.e. when my favourite football team wins and when the Barça loses, when my little son tries to explain us how he has broken something, when you come back and see an old friend and we begin to remember when we were younger. bye

  19. We, 2NI-B, smile when we are happy.Mainly on Friday evenings. ;)))

  20. I´ve never been on a blog, in fact, I don´t like it very much... well why not, if it can help me to improve my english I´ll use it.
    About the "smile text", I like it, and I think it´s true, when we smile, we feel better.

  21. some time ago I read an article about the smile. It was saying this: the smile is the healthier beauty massage for the face.
    The best antidote for worries
    Prayer of the wise
    Head to the sad
    The smile is a manifestation of mental, emotional and spiritual
    The smile is like the sun: light, heat and radiates
    A smile costs nothing, it can give us much benefit.
    A smile lasts a moment but the memory lingers in a life time.. No one is so rich that you do not need it not so poor that they can it give
    A smiled can not been bought, sold or steal. People that most need a smile is people that don't have any to give.

  22. DON DIEGO DE LA VEGA-2º NI-B.20 de octubre de 2013, 9:21

    Hi, this is my first comentary in a blog.
    Only I want to support all women, because yesterday was an important day for them.
    World Day against Breast Cancer!!!

    Currently the medicine win this illness in a 99%, and it´s a reason for Smile!!!!

    Take care, Z.

  23. Hi, I never writre on blog, but I like reading the comments of other.

    There are many things that make me laugh, because I´m very happy and optimistic, I always see the good side of things gives. But, what always makes smile is the SMILE OF A CHILD!!!!

    I hope that you also

  24. My daugther make me smile when she says a new words or expression because she´s a baby and she´s funny so I smile everydays and several times a days and I feel incredible good.
    Watching a comedy on TV is another smiling situacion for me but I usually watch a comedy only once or twice a month.

  25. In my opinion, if you smile every day, you will have a very good skin.
    I always smile and laugh, I love it. It makes me happy when my friends laugh with me and when I have little animals on my lap (on my hands).

  26. I think,smailing is very healthy.I try to smail every day ,for exemple,listening a child trying to speak , is funny,it always make me laugh.
    Who makes me laugh?. A diary T.V progame called " El Intermedio" makes me laugh every day I see it. Also, my husband makes me smile with his jokes.

  27. Hi, first of all congratulations for this funny discussion!
    I love smile all day although I'm a serious person. I enjoy with my family, my boyfriend, my friends, my pet, ... And really I think I'm a clown for them.
    On the other hand nowadays I know that it’s difficult smile for the some people but they have to try smile once a day!

  28. Lorena García 1º NIA24 de octubre de 2013, 2:31

    Hello! I liked the blog because it makes you think about all the things that we smile, we are just the things to be sad.
    It is said that a smile is the most beautiful thing you can be physically, I agree. Also smile is one of the best feelings you can experience.
    In my opinion, everyone should to smile once a day.

    A greeting

  29. First, congratulations for the blog. It´s a great idea.
    I think is very healthy to smile. Your smile can be beneficial for others.
    I´m always smiling and when I get to work very early I always smile and my mates told me that I have always a smile on my face.
    I like to meet with my friends on weekend because two of them make me laugh a lot with their anecdotes of the week.
    I have contagious laughter, my friends and family usually laugh when they hear my laugh.
    You don´t forget that smile is free and your smile can do happy to others.