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martes, 20 de agosto de 2013


Hi there,

I know it's a long time but everything seems to be back after the summer break. We can catch up thanks to an interesting entry written by Vicky. Please read it and then comment on it.

I want to share with you some thoughts that started “wandering” around my mind after reading an article about not talkative people.

The article said that talking isn’t bad, but talking less is better, because you finish earlier.

In general, talking could be a brief operation most of the times. Definitely, there aren’t so many issues to talk about. Everything might be rather short, almost always, to go to the next point or leave home.

Some sentences, after the first verb, turn into a high wall, sometimes impassable.

To express yourself with shortness could be difficult, not everybody has the ability to be “people of  few words”.  Needless to say, you don’t need to keep quiet. A laconic and cautious guy isn’t a silent person who never has anything to say. Absolutely not, he is more than that. He probably has a lot to say, but he gives it up, or says it briefly, encodes it, or simply says it to himself.

Few words aren’t much silence around them, they are other things. To start with, they are what they are, they are just enough, the necessary ones, neither one more.

Few words, although some ones, are some kind of philosophy of sobriety, and the idea that life passes quickly, especially when you tell it with so many sentences. This is the attitude you must have, you couldn’t improvise or pretend, probably you’d need to practise for years.

People who remain silent before a few words could be eloquent, in their own way, they never bore the audience.

A writer said that talking about something which explains itself is a waste of time. A book hasn’t been written to be talked about after finishing reading it, overall it has been created not for talking about it.

I’m not a talkative person, but I always saw it like a defect. After I read this article, I am starting to think that maybe it wasn’t. Probably I have a skill to say only the necessary words, and I prefer spending my time on other stuff instead of diving in a long conversation or speech, from time to time it could be harder to get to the point than filling them with useless words.

Of course, to be in tune with this article, this writing couldn’t be very long.  Common! Now it is your turn. What do your think about it? 

2 comentarios:

  1. Very interesting Vicky!!! I´m not a talkative person but I don´t consider that like a problem. I always prefer to listen to the other, and when I think that I can say something interesting, I speak.

  2. Since we were at school, we were told that magical sentence which said: "Don't talk, listen!" Whether it was effective or not within the classroom, we started to get aware of the fact that the world, or better said, our society tries to keep us sharply divided into masculine and feminine. Why do I claim that? Because I clearly remember that in my mixed-sex classroom, it was often extremely difficult for girls to talk while boys used to dominate most of the conversations. I don't know if it is a question of gender or skill with the language but I can state that I couldn't hardly talk when a boy was trying to control a conversation. It has happened to me more or less the same in my latter years. I'm not a person who talks nineteen to the dozen ;-)but from time to time I like being given the opportunity to express and communicate my thoughts, ideas or even feelings.

    Has it happened to you? Do you think talking is a question of gender, being polite, skillful with the language, ...?