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martes, 1 de enero de 2013


Hi there!

How are the after-effects of New Year's Day going? Guess a bit better, or maybe with a severe hangover?

My best wishes for this New Year and it doesn't matter that it's thirteen or if you are superstitious or not. I'll bet loads of good things are ahead for you all and you''ll know how to make the most of every single day in 2013.

Celebrations in Times Square (New York 2013)
Do you know the traditional Scottish song "All Lang Syne"? It's sung on New Year's Eve. It starts with a rhetorical question reflecting on whether it is right that old times be forgotten, and it is generally interpreted as a way to remember long-standing friendships. It's supposedly to be written or at least, based on a poem by Robert Burns and the custom of singing it was quickly spread to other parts of the world by the Scots and Irish people, not to mention English and Welsh people, who emigrated around the world taking the song with them.

This is the song with the lyrics.

Obviously, there are innumerable versions of it, including the one by Kenny G, on this link.

In order not to make this first entry of the year too long, just tell you that I'll spend my whole year reading and putting into practice Mr Wonderful's pieces of advice and quotes in the calendar Cristina (my workmate and for some of you, your teacher on Fridays) gave me as a gift to cheer me up last November and I've been looking forward to start using it. Here's an example.

Remember this is a very good year to achieve your dreams!

5 comentarios:

  1. I´ve heard this song to Sissel,an Norwegian soprano and it´s actually a lovely one.
    As I see it,we shouldn´t forget our old acquaintances and all that moments that we have lived with them because they are one part of our life.This song makes me feel grief and homesickness to remember that moments.On the other hand I´m a lucky person because I have lots of unforgettable moments.

  2. I’m listening to Sissel at this moment. She’s fantastic. I had to look for the lyrics in English because Scots verses are difficult for me, … nowadays! I have listened to this song a lot of times but I’ve never stopped to thing about the meaning. I like it.

    A quote for this New Year: “We have to look for the Always instead the Never. The Surrender is not a chance”.

  3. This 's a nostalgic song and I've listened it a lot of times,but Have I listened it in churches with another lyric ? I think so but I'm not sure
    I've been searching some extra information and I found that this song is singnig doing a circle and friends and relatives are embraced. This is a charming and emotive way to start a New Year

  4. Respuestas
    1. Yeah, maybe this song can be sung in religious services or even by women from the Salvation Army, but with different lyrics.

      And it's true that's a warming way of starting a year, with "your people" around you.

      Keep blogging!