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martes, 15 de enero de 2013

Accident-prone or simply clumsy?

Who are you? Are you accident-prone or a clumsy person? 

I consider myself a clumsy person. If there's something I can trip on, you can bet I'll trip on it. It's always embarrassing if you are in front of other people or even standing in front of pupils (I still remember the day I banged into the desk and hurt my leg) but that's the way I am.

As you know, I don't like taking risks and try to be as careful as I can in order not to have many accidents. But what about you? Who's the most accident-prone person you know?

In case you're missing some listening practice on this entry, click here and you'll be able to listen to a man telling his friend about all his Friday mishaps. Were the guys clumsy? How would you have solved the situation? With a bunch of flowers? (Don't forget to check the script and pay attention to any new expression!!)

Write about your experience with accidents and how you sorted them out, it can be funny??

4 comentarios:

  1. As most of you I have some tinies mishaps that now I can´t remember.But I can´t forget when I was a child,about ten years old,and my cousin Sandra and me visited our aunt and spent all weekend in her home.Her daughter Miriam slept in the guest room and Sandra and me slept in our cousin´s room.In the morning,when we woke up we were horsing around with the pillows and jumping from one bed to another.Suddenly,a nice angel´s head flew past.It was our cousin´s beloved angel that someone gave her.
    We were in a hot water.As we hadn´t got super glue we decided to repair it with chewing gum.Some days later our aunt saw the angel and argued us because we tried to pull the angel over her eyes and didn´t tell the truth.

  2. Well, I can´t say that my experience with accidents have been very funny. As you know, I have some scars in my face. At least, two of them come from stupid mishaps at home. Although I did´nt laugh two much, I recognize that the situation was stupid. I was having a shower and I didn´t realize that the washing machine was going on. Suddenly, the dirty water began to emerge from the machine. I woke up immediately and went out from the bath. Then, I beat myself with a cupboard, exactly with the metallic corner.
    Bad luck, I thought. I had a headache but it didn´t really matter. I didn´t think that it would be more serious. The mirror was totally covered with fog; when I cleaned it, I SCREAMED! All my face was full of blood and a I was really scared.
    However, nowadays I laugh about the situation. I took as it came: one more scar for the collection.
    Another day I´ll talk you about the -in principle-, most dangerous accidents: car´s accidents. For instance, the day I started to spin around the road because an oil´s pool. The good thing was that it dind´t happen anything.

    1. To tell the truth, I'm not sure if I would like to know what happened to you since, and I'm completely sure you have already realised, I'm a bit hypochondriac and afraid of driving.Although, on second thoughts, the most important thing is that you ARE ABLE TO TELL the story. It would have been worse the other way round.

  3. It was 4 o´clock in the morning, and I was in Barajas airport with my friends, 2 hours before starting our final course trip. We travelled to Rome, and we were very nervous and anxious. While we were waiting for the plane, I deciced to sit in the band conveyor until the checking officce opened. I was watching to my friends, because they were playing with the luggages, with the carts for the luggage, and I didn´t realize that the office opened. In that moment, the band started to move and I fell to the ground. Suddenly my friends stopped to play and looked at me. I was between two desks and I couldn´t stand up, but they were laughing loudly and didn´t help me. The best thing was that the airport was completly empty, and nobody more could see to me.
    The trip was great, perhaps one of the best trip in my life, but my friends were laughing of me every days when they remembered the little accident....