martes, 22 de mayo de 2012

What would you do if ...?

What would you do if ... ? This is the beginning of a question we probably face every day in different situations. We are always considering our reactions to a lot of experiences, decisions we have to make regarding all aspects of our life. We try to think about everything logically and we are probably unable to come to a satisfactory reason or explanation for our actions -that's a different subject, though. And it's in those daily situations when we are using the hypothetical second conditional with hypothetical results in our present or future. Let's see some examples:
  • What if I saw a student cheating in an exam? 
  • If it wasn't / weren't for this blog, I think my pupils wouldn't read or write anything in English.
  • Supposing the price of oil doubled tomorrow, what do you think would happen?

As a result, day after day, we go through these hypothetical situations. Even when we listen to music. There are a lot of songs that make us think about what our life would be like if something were different or we could change something in it.

Here's a selection of songs. Enjoy it and if you like one, don't hesitate to listen to its complete version! 

Finally, would you like to write a short comment on what you would change in your life if it were possible for you?
You are allowed to respectfully allude to a wide range of topics: your studies, your personality, the current situation in your country, ... The sky is the limit!

What if you could change the world!!! Try it!!!

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  1. What would you change in your life?

    I like this kind of simple questions. :)

    I'm not capable to think about what change in my life and what effects it would have in my present life.

    If you were my Spanish teacher and I had my Spanish level, it would be difficult to answer it, so imagine how much difficult is translate it to English... a very bad English... even the google translator don't understand me. ;)

    As my sister says, "all has a why"... and that in my opinion bring us to a dead end.

    If we had changed any decision we would be reading this? I suppose no (or maybe yes)

    A lot of things can happend in every instant, and every one bring us to a different end. Are we sure?? or everything is written and we all are predestined.

    But, at the end only a thing is sure, and all our decisions drive us to there .Where?? (Imagine). ;)

    A time I listened to the radio that a man had left written in his epitaph "SO MUCH RUN TO GET HERE" .

    luismi :)

  2. Hi everybody,
    how are you doing?

    As you know, second conditional is used to talk about impossible or imaginary situations. Here you are a couple of examples:

    If Mariano Rajoy and Angela Merkel went in a car at 200 km/h and they collided, who would be saved? European people.

    If we put politicians, bankers and rich people (with all their money, of course) in a big ship and if we abandoned them in the middle of the ocean, in a desert island or in the middle of Atacama Desert, the world would be much better. They would realize that money can't be eaten.

    And once again, I'd like to share with you a couple of songs

    If I ever lose my faith in you, by Sting.
    "Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world
    You could say I lost my faith in the people on TV
    You could say I'd lost my belief in our politicians
    They all seemed like game show hosts to me."

    If I ever leave this world alive, by Flogging Molly.

    See you soon,

  3. Your examples are very funny Fernando and I think you are sad because you have used second conditional in both cases and you know perfectly that you only talk about hypothetical situations. Well, I would like you are happier and although I leave this topic ....
    May I use the first conditional to have hope to these examples will be possible ? Oh Thank you!

    -If Mariano Rajoy and Angela Merkel go in a car at 200 km/h and they collide who will be save? European people
    -If we put politicians, banker and rich people in a big ship and if we abandon them in the middle of the ocean , in a desert island or in the middle of the Atacama Desert, the world will be much better.

    Well Fernando, now your desires are possible. (I hope not to bother but you have wake me up the anarchism vein.. ha ha)

  4. And if Fernando and Ana went in a car at 200 km/h. and they collided, how would be saved? Both, of course. This example is only grammatical but isn´t in my imagination.
    I don´t think the same about politicians and rich people. If I were you, I wouldn´t abandon them, I would give them only one obligation: Think every day is not possible anything more important to be a person.
    In the other hand, If I were a rich man, I would invite Ana and Fernando to dinner in a expensive restaurant. Ja,ja,ja,

  5. But... Antonio!! You are a rich man? Don't you remember? You have said me this for all this year. I don't believe you forgot it. It is a joke?. If you had a good memory you would remember you are a rich man and you would invite to dinner all classmates in a good restaurant so you should do it and I hope you have a lot of money because I am starving ha ha !