martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

Summer Camps

At this time of the year, people start thinking about their next summer activities, such as, studying English abroad, spending some time by the beach, even going to a summer camp, ...

Did you ever go to a summer camp when you were a kid? Did you enjoy it? How did you feel about it?
One of the most typical activities there is to tell ghost stories, were your stories scary? What about learning new things such as lighting a fire, surviving in the nature, fishing, ...? Was it an exciting experience you would recommend everybody or did you use to feel homesick?

Leave your comments on how you felt and what you did. I bet they are interesting experiences you want to share with your classmates.

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  1. Hi Sofia this is Casti,
    It`s time to think in next summer.
    In a few years ago the best holiday is go to the beach to relax me and enjoy it.I remember when I was a little girl,I went to the camps with "Boy Scouts" and I had a nice remimders.We were always in contact with the nature and we did every things together like the meals, to clean the dishes etc.The best was at nights, we played with the teachers to different kind of rules.I never reminded of my parents.In the other way I had another experience when I went to England to learn English, it was a good, but at nights I felt alone and I was crying, I was ninteen years old.That`s all.See you

  2. I have to confess I had never been in a Summer Camp. If I had been braver my mother would have send me to one, but I have to admit I was a lucky fellow.

    I could enjoy of the best tematic park and the best monitor, my mother's little village, here in Salamanca, and a cousin three years older than me, "txiki".

    This little village was plently of uncles, cousins... who introduced me to other childs, so it was really easy to make a lot of friends.

    There was a lot of free time after help a bit to my grandparents to take care or the cows, pigs, chickens, goats, watering the orchard so it was almost imposible to be alone a instant because always was someone willing to play football, "frontennis", cycling, go swimming to the "pilon", hunt frogs or birds, explore the nature.

    So in a few years this city boy while my friends in San Sebastian went to the beach I learned from how to made "cisco" (charcoal) to made a bow and arrows or driving a farmer tractor.

    Who needs the emotion of a "tirolina" when you can cycling by the middle of a herd of fighting bulls.

    What wonderful summer days!