martes, 1 de mayo de 2012

My favourite possession

In this world where we abide by the rules of “you are what you have”, trying to pick out only one favourite possession may become a difficult task.

If we started thinking about what we possess, the list of things we couldn’t live without would be endless. We are so used to having them that sometimes we do not even appreciate them, we do not remember how we got them, if it was easy for us to have them or if we could do better without them.

This reminds me of the song “Ka-ching” by Shania Twain (do you remember it? We listened to it a long time ago when dealing with the topic of “money”.) The lyrics referred to the fact that “all we ever want is more, a lot more than we had before” and only by possessing we’ll be happy “with lots of money and things”.

Well, if you had to make your choice for your favourite possession, what would it be? A car? A mobile phone? A laptop? Your credit card? A family photo? …
Needless to say, I value all the possessions mentioned before but there is something I especially like and enjoy having: an original and exclusive penholder.

Do you like it?

 Maybe now you are wondering why a penholder, being a really simple object. The reason is also simple because it was given to me by the most important person in my life. Let me describe it!

The first thing you notice about it is that it is hand-made. The main materials are re-used –this was a good idea, don’t you think? We need to re-use materials apart from recycling them. It is made of different colourful old 3 ¼ disks stuck in cardboard. It is quite big and solid, which is good because I can keep a lot of pens and pencils there so I always know where everything is. I’ve had it for three years and it is on my office desk so that I can see it and use it every day.

I absolutely love it because it just reminds me of how simple objects can make people, in this case me, very happy and proud of having such a penholder.

It's 9 by 9 cm.

 What about your favourite possession? What is it? Why is it special? Where did you get it? How long have you had it? What does it look like? What size is it and what is it made of? What do you do with it? How often do you use it? Where do you keep it?

Leave your comment straight away. It’s easy to do it!

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  1. Hi Sophie and partners!
    I think my favourite thing is my dolly. It was given to my for my parents at my ninth birthday. When I see it I reminds me of my childhood. It's fantastic.
    My dolly is very beautiful, it is about 40 cm tall and it is black. It is made in Spain in a factory called "D'azucar". In Madrid or Barcelona you can visit the shop-museum and to buy clothes for it. I like it because you can choose all kind of clothes: dresses, skirts, t-shirts, jackets, shoes and go on. When I was a girl my parents bought me a suit for the dolly at my birthday and Christmas. I absolutely love it because I remember when I played at home...
    Nowadays, it is on my bed. I want to be a girl again!

  2. The most favourite thing I have is my PC with internet connection of course. I have had it for more than fifteen years and I think is one of the most important inventions of humans.
    Thanks to computers, science and communication have advanced dramatically in the world. Everyday PC helps me to find many questions I have about a lot of topics, studies,jobs, music, books, cinema,cooking recipes, news,laws, pets, animals, plants, photography, nutritional information... and It keeps me in touch at all family and friends who live far from me. This is very important to me because maybe I had lost the contact with many of them and I learn all the important events that happen in our life at this time. I think everything around me would be very different without my favourite thing.

  3. My favourite thing is my boots. They are made of leather and rubber on the soles. They are handmade. I’ve had them for seven years, I made them myself in a course on leather in the school Rio Cuerpo de Hombre and they always remind me of the people who made them with me. I liked the course because I met a lot of people there who are my friends now. The course lasted about six months.

    The boots are about 50 cm, size 40 and they weigh about 1 kg.
    I need them for walking but I made them a bit bigger, but I absolutely love them because I made them myself!!!
    Beatriz Martín

  4. My favourite possession is a turnkey. I was given it when my father bought me the first motorbike. It's made of foam and on it it can read " Moto Poten " The name of the motorbike shop. I've had it since 1992, the year which my father bought me the motorbike. When I see it remember my motorbike and how long it took me to convince my father until he bought me the machine and for that I absolutely love it.

  5. My favorite posession is my glasses. The first,when I was a Child,I hate it, but now, I love it. I usually wearing a red glasses, but in the past I had a blue, green, black and brown glasses. I think that I'll buy a orange glases next summer!!!


  6. Hi guys,
    This time I'm going to write about my favourite possession. I have some different things I really like but if I have to choose one, I'll take my trumpet.
    Answering why I take it is difficult. I'm not a good player, it sounds horrible whenever I try to practise any song, however, with effort, in the future it will sound great. Knowing that the trumpet becomes my favourite possession, it helps me relax and have discipline. Maybe, now it's difficult and hard to play and play every day, but when I get to be a good musician and enjoy myself and the people who would listen to my music, the trumpet will become the best thing I have ever had.
    Thanks for reading it. Daniel Hernández

    1. Hi Dani!!
      I love the sound of the trumpet for Jazz music. I have a question for you about your favourite possession. Have you got neighbours next to you when you play with it?

    And if I say my favourite possession it is me? But, it is not the moment to be a philosopher.
    A good possession for me is, maybe, my collection of books. I have a few thousand of them and, in fact, I do not have place in my house to put them. I only started to read when I was a tenager: I lived in a small village and I didn´t have any money to buy books. But, month out month, year out year I have bought my library.
    Obviously, there are books of all kind. Like you know, not all ones are made of paper. Don´t you have a manuscript? It´s made of leather. But it is not the normal case.
    I have a book made in old and yellowish paper which I bought in a Market Street twenty years ago: Gramática Castellana. It was made and was published in 1920. I don´t remember how many it did cost me but not more than twenty pesetas. It weighs about 300 grams. It reminds me old years and a very good holiday. I use it a lot because I like to compare the old grammatical rules with the new ones: there are a lot of differences.
    But, what can I say if I have also in my house two computers, one I-book and one I-pad.
    I like my books, but I also like the technology. And, what about you?
    Antonio Gutiérrez Turrión

  8. Hi everybody,
    I think my favorite possession are my vinyl LPs. I don´t have too much, but every one remind me a diferent moment of my life when I was young. Something similar like a John Cusack´s film "High Fidelity". Even, at first, I started to buy LPs before I had my first a LP player and I needed to go to a friend´s house to copy the music into an audio cassette device. In those times I had no too much money and I usually spend the main amount of that in music. Them stay at home, with or without friends, listening more and more times the last LPs. Is a miracle that no one is scratched.
    The first LP I have is "Darkness on de edge of town" by Bruce Springsteen, and the last one I have brought is "Mi Universo" by Cooper (Alex Diez, ex-Flechazos) that I have buyed in Cordoba last february.
    For a long period of time, since I started to work in Madrid, I stoped to buy LPs. Be an adult, with bills and rent to pay, did me to think that I don´t should to waste money in no necessary thing like music. Today that reasons is why i love it , because all of them bring me back to a happy days with my friens. Some times we meet, and spend long time listening old records together.
    That´s all folks.

  9. I started thinking about what I possess and the list of things I couldn't live without as you said at the blog... and the conclusion has surprised me.

    One of my favourite thing is a MP3 player I bought some years ago... it was my first MP3 player and I spend several days, maybe weeks thinking about what kind of MP3 would be the best for me... and I really chose just the right one.

    It has only 2Gb, and it is a bit big, but his main feature was that it function with a AAA battery... so, if I go out for a sightseeing or on a long trip by train, or I stay all the day on the beach...I pick 2 or 3 AAA batteries and I am sure I will be able to listen music or the radio all the day or all the weekend.

    Her radio connect me with the world, the music accompany me when I am alone too... it is a good friend.

    I have had some MP3, more expensive and better, but with this one I'm completely sure of continue to listen the music, the radio or the podcasts... and so on... I don't need to run to recharge it, simply I change the battery.


  10. I think one of my favourite things is my Karate-do Black Belt. I’ve had it since 1993. It was given to me after passing the first Dan Test by an examining board composed of expert Karate masters. The Dan Test is a Karate-do grading examination which includes technical, practical and oral requirements.
    The colour of a Karate-do belt indicates the rank and, in theory, the ability of a karateka. The Black Belt is made of silk covered cotton and the name of the Karate-do style is usually embroidered in Kanji, a kind of Japanese writing.
    I like my black belt because it just reminds me of what karate-do means. The Black Belt is a symbol and represents an accumulation of skills and knowledge, effort and perseverance as well. When a Karate-do student reaches this level many internal changes have been experienced as the result of the path. At the beginning of Karate practice the belt is white. If the student trains enough, the white belt would eventually darken. At the same time, if student continues practising after reaching the Black Belt, this will naturally spend its colour by usage, taking up little by little the original white colour. Finally, the worn out belt becomes white belt again, a symbol of return to origin, humility and wisdom..., white to black and black to white. White colour also represents "empty mind" (notice that Karate-do means “the way of empty hand”).


  11. My favorite possesion isn´t really mine. It´s my grandfather´s market garden, a piece of ground where he used to plant all kind of vegetables and we call it "La vega". Now it belongs to my parents, but as they aren´t in the town (Lumbrales), I´m the one who keep it alive.
    I usually spend all the summer in my town and take care of the market garden and I plant a lot of things: tomatoes, potatoes, beans, peppers, strawberries, watermelons, onions...
    This thing is so important for my because it makes me remember my grandfather and makes me forget all the rest of the world while I´m working on it... and the market-garden products are very very tasteful, much more than the "vegetables" bought at the supermarkets.


  12. Hi everybody!
    I think my favourite possesion is my cat. It was given to me by my mother in law last christmas, and I love it because we found it in a closed bag when it was about to die. My boyfriend´s mum was caring it during the summer and autumn, but she know I loved it so she presented it to me. Its name is "Miércoles" and it is a pretty girl cat. We called it like this because we found it on Wednesday (we are very original ;) ). It is small (55 by 60 cm) and it weighs about 4 kg. It loves having sunbathe in the street and hunting flies (it is very good at it).

    Ana Pereda

  13. My favourite possession is not a material thing because i am not really interested in this things. My favourite possession is my dog, its name is "socks". I have it since 7 years ago. I found it in the street because it was abandoned for his old owners and i carried it with me. I absolutely love it because i have lived my better moments with it. it is brown and have in the end of his legs white so i called it "socks". it is the most beautiful dog than i have ever seen, if oneday something happen it i don't know that i would do without it because it is is my best friend and i know it won't fail me.

  14. hi everybody,
    As i promised the last class, here is my introduction on the blog.
    I have three favourite possessions, my village, my car, and my rabit.
    My village, which is "El Cerro", is, for me, the most beautiful place in the world, there are many tranquility, there is no contamination and you can breathe fresh air.
    My car is other of my possessions, I compete with it in sound competitions, i got give 130db in my category whith two woffer and two trumpet.
    Also, I have a white rabbit which name is Guss. One friend gave me it five years ago. Was a present for my birthday. My rabbit is as a teddy, I like to touch him because is very soft.
    That is all for now, when I have other possesion I´ll tell you here
    best whishes

  15. My favorite possession is a box.It´s made of wood and metal.The wood is old and dark and It's shape is square.
    It was given to me by friend as a present in a "Secret Santa"party and I liked it very much.

    When I was given the box it was empty and I didn´t keep anything in it, so I decided to turn it into a jewel case because I have a lot of earings.

  16. Suqa ya zhe vas v rot ebal

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