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viernes, 22 de marzo de 2013

International Happiness Day

Last 20th of March, we celebrated the first International Happiness Day. This day has been established to promote the idea that all human beings seek happiness and it is a goal that all the governments should take into account when designing their political and socio-economic policies.

This initiative to declare a day of happiness came from Bhutan, the birthplace of the concept of the Gross National Happiness Index (GNH), which rejects the sheer use of economic and material wealth as an indicator of development rather than a more holistic outlook, where spiritual well-being of citizens and communities is given much more importance and influence.

Therefore, if we had to decide or measure our degree of happiness, what would you say? I'd say I'm definitely happy. Check some answers to this question by clicking here

Marcus Aurelius said "The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts." What do you think? 

Undoubtedly, getting up every morning and fight for our life seems to be exceedingly difficult nowadays, but instead of blaming society or even ourselves for it,  we have to count our blessings and try to help ourselves so as to be able to help others achieve this goal. But, do we have the possibility of being happy inside us? Is it a question of attitude and way of thinking or not? Is the way society has developed what makes us feel unhappy?

Common, guys, smile, think a little bit and leave your comments.

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  1. The way to facing a problem can give the degree of happiness.
    Well I'm going to tell you an example about it.
    Last week I was eating with one friend of mine,and she told me that her daugther had found a very good job abroad.Incredibly ! M y friend was worried and sad because her daugther must be fornight without curtains on the windows.It looked like a joke when many people are looking for a bad paid job
    So, when you see people living in miserable houses without food or fresh water ,but with a enormous smile in their faces,Actually,you check that Marco A had reason when he said that the most of happiness is inside us
    Now I would like to give some tips to be happy,I,m not a psichologistic but I'm a mother , and mothers are always giving tips(poor children)
    Firstly,If you can ,help other people with money ,food or with your friendship etc....
    Secondly,Don't watch news on T V turn it off and put a song by Bob Marley like this (get up, stand up, stand up for your rights.get up ,stand up don't give up the fight.....) a few time later your body 'll move alone
    Lastly, take your coat and your scarf and go for a walk,cold wind is a good medice to clearing the mind

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  3. I have a cold. I have a headache. I feel unhappy. I can’t smile. But… maybe I could look for inside me. It’s possible that if I make a small effort I could find some reason to be happy: family, friends, a job, love, dreams, … An tiny and simple smile starts to appear in my face. It’s late. Maybe tomorrow.

  4. I agree with Marcus Aurelius,he was a clever man.Happiness is a question of attitude and a way of thinking.
    Most of people waste loads of time thinking in the future and hoping a happy life,so they do´nt enjoy their present.We live such stressful life to gain material things that the time goes by so quickly that we can´t live placidly.
    We should learn to value whole things that we have around us like family,health,friends,work without hoping any more.
    We have to face our life with a positive attitude.

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  6. You have mentioned Marco Aurelio. You know that he and all the Stoical movement have been very important for me. Since I was a child I am fascinated by this strange kind of people. The say that real happiness is not related with all that happen around us. Maybe it sounds a little bit radical but it can help us. We must identify what is important according our human nature, do our duty and stand the bad side of life. Easy or difficult. We decide.
    From my point of view, I am happy when I have goals to achieve, when I work and fight for them. It´s simple but sometimes I am exhausted. I think that the old greek sentence: "Nothing in excess" is a good guide but the balance is difficult.