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jueves, 14 de febrero de 2013

To my Valentine

Today's St Valentine's Day and maybe you are celebrating it in a special way or simply you seem to be more enthusiastic with your partner than usual.

I can deny I'm quite a romantic person myself and that romanticism defies us to become somebody completely different from what we are. We usually start a relationship thinking that we will learn a lot of things from and with the other person, maybe secretly and constantly looking for signs of approval. However, in the end, we end up learning more than somewhat about ourselves.

Yes, it is love that moves the world, it's not money, work, ... It provides us with physical and mental health and "a place" to belong to or cope well. If you are lucky enough so as to meet your better half, you will be able to share not only great moments together but also relatives, household chores, professions, money, ... all that which can make us more mature or sink so low as not to get over love again. But, when love ends, you cannot point fingers or blame anybody for it, not even yourself. The only thing that you can do is to try to find someone who can value the sheer pleasure of knowing that you were made for him/her as well as to put things behind you.

Yesterday was the day devoted to single people and heartbroken souls. Today is the day for those in love. A lot has been said and written about Saint Valentine and its celebration. Everybody has their own opinion and feelings about it but in case you want to find out a bit more about Saint Valentine, click here and watch the video.

Although love makes men and women equal, the way to perceive it is different many times. Beyoncé found a way to put some feelings into words if she was in a boy's shoes.  Here's the song.

Obviously, there are loads of songs with different views of love and I could have chosen others. Maybe it's your turn and you can suggest some of them for Saint Valentine's Day.

Finally, just to thank my Valentine this year for the wonderful and delicious red rose given. ;-)

4 comentarios:

  1. I have told you sometime. Most of pop or rock music is about love. Everybody have been in love or have suffered sometime. That´s the reason everybody understand these songs, even the worst ones. Then love looks simple, doesn´t it? But in fact, love is the most complicated feeling in the world. Sometimes appears and you never undestand why this time could be the right one.
    It´s easy to choose a love song. It probably would be more difficult not to find a love song :). I choose one: "Wild Horses" from Rolling Stones. There´s a legend around its chorus: "Wild horses couldn´t drag me away". That´s the first sentence that Marianne Faithfull said to Mick Jagger, her boyfriend at that time, when she woke up from a coma caused by drugs abuse. It isn´t probably true but like John Ford said: "If you have to choose between reality and legend, Print the legend"

  2. The song


  3. My love song doesn't have lyrics, it's an instrumental music performed by Susan Ciani ant its name is, of course, "The velocity of love". I agree with Sofia's writting, loves rules the world. Behind everyone, there's an incredible and beautiful love story, isn't it?


  4. I agree with Atlanta,love is the most complicated feeling in the world and with Sophie love moves the world.
    This year I didn´t celebrate it in a special way but I think we has to celebrate Saint Valentine everyday.
    When you live with another person sonmetimes you change your life and you give stuffs that you used to do.But you also discover other good things.As I see it,you have to feel that your partner complement you and share all your feelings,plans,...
    I think everybody single or with partner should celebrate Saint Valentine.It´s the Love Day and we should our love with everybody.
    I disagree with people that celebrate it as a commercial day.