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domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

How come?

Hi there,

It's been a long time since I last wrote an entry on my / your blog. I've missed it and once that we've got started I really hope that you all join and participate enthusiastically.

Now that is time to think about going back to my "normal daily life" after this holiday which I have been looking forward to for quite a long time and after having enough time to ponder about many a thing, a song comes to my mind and I'll tell you why. Maybe you all know it or maybe not, in any case, I want you to listen to it and write your reflections on it. 

If you are on the intermediate level, we are about to start unit two where we will deal with the topic of how to use social networks to communicate and keep in touch with people as well as having been putting into practice the form "used to" for past habits; whereas if you are on the advanced level, we are having a look on what the future can bring as well as our personal experiences within our families and city life. Paradoxically, this song reminds me of different situations any of us can have gone through at least once in a lifetime.

As I am ALIVE AND WELL (despite catching a cold these days), I would like you to sing along with Gotye, a Belgian-Australian singer, whose single Somebody I used To Know has been awarded all over the world.

Watch the video and listen to the song. I don't particularly like the aesthetics of the video clip but I have to admit that it is somehow striking. What do you think?

Well, this is it. Do you like it? When or in what situations could you say those terrible words? Who to? Why? Please leave your optimistic or pessimistic comments on this song. It will be interesting to know your ideas.

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  1. Uff! I've listened to this song a lot of times this summer. But... I've never stopped to think about its lyrics. I've just done now! Uff! I'm impressed.

  2. I agree with you, Rebeca. I´ve listened this song in the radio this summer, perhaps with some avertisements, but I,ve never realized the lyrics.
    But in mi opinion, the aesthetics is really interesting: at first, when the song starts, everything is empty, but gradually everything begins to full of colors while the music sounds louder. Moreover, the girl has a voice so sweet...It´s simple and strange, like my favourite things.
    On the other hand it´s the meaning of the lyric for me. There are many sentences which make me feel sad, because they make me think in my past, in an important person in my life. I lived 8 years full of love, good moments, discusions, ...Curiosly he was my first love, and I always thought that he was the only one, but not everything in the life is perfect. I had to decide to break up the relation and I lost many friends and I lost his friendship. Althought the life can make you feel in love again, when you least expect it.

    1. I agree with you, too. We were able to listen to this song a lot recently, that's why I chose it.

      I like what you wrote about the aesthetics. In regards to what you wrote about your personal experience, just tell you, that we never have to lose friends for another person. Every situation has positive aspects. (Read my comment on Fernando's post)

  3. I have never thought about this lyric before. And it comes to my mind the situations in which we have given many opportunities to do something and somebody failed to do. Taking a decision in such situations shows you are a strong person with hope and ambition.

  4. When I was in Ireland I herad a lot this song...was good to know it, at once, before than my friends (I like old music, so I don´t know too much about new songs. Lyrics are good, but the best is the music and the way of sing by Gotye. The video is interesting, but I don´t understand too much ;) I guees paintings express the experiences of the relationship, now both of them are differents and they can recognize each other...well, it´s my humble opinion

    Greetings :)

  5. I have heard this song a lot of times this summer, and I knew it was a song of sadness but I have never stopped to listening it to understand what it says. Now I have listened and understood it.
    About the aesthetics, I think painting themself represent the relationship they built together and how it finish when she lost the contact with him (losing the colors they got together).
    I really like this song :)

  6. I´m really delighted to know that the blog is working again.

    I dropped by here and saw the new entry. I'm not really keen into pop music and I didn't know this singer and neither the song. actually, I am a bit outdated in music. But I'm open minded and ready to listen to almost any kind of music... I've listened to the song and I find it quite sad and depressing, as is usual when somebody talks about relationships breakdown. But accidents happen as well as some relationships fall down. If you fall down you must rise up and start again! In fact, although it's a sad song I think it got some kind of positive approach, the voices are so sweet, the music, the rythm... it's almost like a lullaby. there is no rage, no hate, only sadness, but the memories of good times as well.
    On the other hand, this singer reminds me Sting, especially the chorus.

    However, I don't like love songs. But I think some songs can help you when you feel sad or depressed. So I'd like to share a couple of songs about past times which show two different ways to deal with sadness and past times.

    Creep by Stone Temple Pilots:


    Wasted Years by the best rock band ever:


    ...So understand,
    don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years,
    face up...make your stand,
    and realise you're living in the golden years.

    All the best.


    1. Hi Fernando,

      It's good to hear from you again and it's great to read your enlightening comments to the entries. Please keep on blogging.

      I really enjoy both songs and both perspectives. Well, the thing is that breaking up is always hard but we don't have to look back as if that time had been your wasted years. There's no use in crying over the spilt milk as we say in English.

      Hope to read you soon and remember if you want to publish an entry, you know how to contact me.

  7. The first time I listened this song I supposed the singer was Sting (before POLICE), but somebody told me "it's Gotye". I was surprised! I remenbered Sting singing " I'm Englishman in N.Y " so handsome, so English ... Well Gotye is Gotye.
    The song is sad but I like it so much, but the video clip is horrible. Sorry.

  8. I think it´s a good song. Everybody has suffered the effects of this situations and can understand the pain of the characters. The try to think it´s not so important but the scar will remain for ever. The most part of pop music talks about love, or more exactly, about the end of love and we like it! Maybe we are a little bit masochistic.


    1. You're right, Abel. The scars are always there to stay, whether we like them or not. But as Jacob Ghitis said, "Things don't go wrong (in this case, love stories) they simply happen"

  9. The rhythm and the lyrics are very sad. It doesn't show anger or rage, only sadness. It could be usual when somebody breaks up because lots of feelings are mixed up. You remember many happy situations but on the other hand you don't like how you live with that person nowadays. So, you have decided to split up. I agree with Iris and Explorador, the colours are all the experiences that they lived together and in the end, all the colours disappear from the woman because their relationship has finished.