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domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012


We have spent a lot of time talking about social networking sites lately, especially Facebook. I don't want to finish dealing with the topic until you click here and listen to two people doing the same. They are Alex and Katia and they are talking about using social media and how they affect their lives. It's a good opportunity to practise your listening skills and then your writing by posting a comment on it.

If you want to find out more about how this social networking site began, click here and read it. It may well be interesting for you.
Are you on Facebook? 
Well, as you should know by now, I'm still thinking about starting to use it myself, but who knows, maybe if you encourage me with your comments, I'll get rid of all my prejudices and one day, I'm likely to surprise you all.

Common, guys, leave your comments now. 
You won't regret it!

3 comentarios:

  1. For me Facebook is a really good way to keep in touch with my friends, more important if they live in other country and I can´t visit them all months.
    I enjoy watching the photos they attack about their family and friends, the places they visit or about themselves.

  2. Yes, I am in facebook but I´m not very enthusiastic about it althought it can be vey useful sometimes. For instance:
    - A way of getting publicity for an event.
    - A fast and fearful way of organization, especially if we are talking about politics.
    - A way of keeping in touch with that friends that are far.

    Really, I think it´s not possible to waste much time in facebook. Everything it´s too simple. Usually, I link the posts of my blog in facebook. I prefer this kind of expression in internet. Maybe I am getting older but I like long and boring texts. Besides, except in work, I hate my mobile. I can´t understand why everybody have to be accessible all the time.

  3. It´s true that facebook has revolutionised our world in the last few years.
    I´m on facebook but I not very Keen on it.Although I recognise that if we use it in the right way it is very useful.
    I sometimes use it to keep in touch with my friends an acquaintances that are living in another country.I look for information although sometimes it could be mistaken.It´s very useful to make a reservation and compare prices,quality and location between different hotels.
    But,from my point of view,it has some disadvantages like spending too much time on facebook without doing nothing.Furthermore some people live in a virtual live and don´t get in touch with people around them.