jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011

Listen to it! Grades

Listen to Todd talking to Nydja. She talks about grades and whether we need them in education.
What do you think? 

Click on the link below.

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  1. I think is very difficult for me Sofía. There are a lot of words this year and the sentences are different. This year will be very hard to me!

  2. I like this post because I have thought sometimes about this issue...
    I really would like an education without grades and I think it could be better for all of us. But now, all the world is based on competicion and having no grades is almost utopian.

  3. I agree with you, Román.
    The current educational system was designed for a different age, the Industrial Revolution age. The current education is modeled on the interests of the industrialisation. Schools are organised on factory lines. Schools are like factories: ringing bells, separated facilities,separated subjects, timetables, levels, grades, hierarchy, standardized tests and exams... Industrial Society demanded a uniform educational system, based on repetition and memorization, to train workers whose job was totally standardized, hierarchical and rigid (eg assembly line). This educational system recognizes two groups of people- intelligent and unintelligent people- and groups students who only have one thing in common: age.
    But today we live in a new era, the digital age, the information society and knowledge society. And nowadays we know people have different learning rates and multiple intelligences (Howard Gardner is Known for his Theory of multiple intelligences). We can not group students who only have one thing in common: age.
    So there are a lot of reasons to change our educational system.
    You can find out more information abou this topic in this interesting video. We must change education paradigms.
    Without subtitles
    With spanish subtitles

    I hope you enjoy it.