sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2011

THE DIGITAL STORY OF NATIVITY - ( or Christmas 2.0 )

Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. How has the story changed!! "The next"

  2. I'm so bored with Christmas but I enjoy this video. It's a funny digitalized tale of Nativity.
    This is the link to another funny historical video. It's specially dedicated to those who are afraid with IT's.
    The video is funny but I am warning you the listening is very difficult (subtitles avalaibles in Spanish).

    I hope you enjoy it.
    And don't forget consumption is the spirit of Christmas.

  3. Although some people become compulsive shopaholics,which is not as bad as you may think -since they are buying presents for the people they love, the real spirit of Christmas is to consider that we live in a society where everybody needs each other,being in contact with people makes us grow as genuine persons. And definitely, it's not bad to be authentic at least once in a blue moon, don't you think?