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miércoles, 4 de junio de 2014

Happy ;-)

Well, at last classes are over and some of you are on the verge of finishing this academic year after doing the finals and passing them with flying colours ... or not.

I must admit that I'm extremely happy with the fact that this course is almost finished. However, you must bear in mind that for me, the worst part has begun: correcting and grading tests, hours of reading your writings, ... Anyway, it's not worth complaining about it -it's part of my job and I like it as well.

The thing is that since I got up this morning, I can't stop humming this song, the one I want you to listen to now if you want to share my happiness ...

Do you like it? Leave your comments on how it makes you feel.

2 comentarios:

  1. Happiness is for me a strange felling .
    It's the same when you feel the blood raining in your veins. I like listening to music ,in fact I can't imagine how has being my life without it

  2. I had listened to this song and while that I was listen to it for a moment I have forgotten all my problems. There are some songs with which you can feel happy and there are also other songs that make you sad. Usually the music is part of our lives and helps us in many sad moments.