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miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

For vs. During

 Do you remember the difference between "for" and "during"? Look at the examples below.


- You have been using this blog for a few months now.
- You will be able to use this blog during this academic year.

For is used to say how long an action or a situation lasts. It can be used to talk about the past, present or future.

-         I once went to New York for a week.
-         Those mountains have been covered in snow for months.
-         My brother will be away for the next ten days.

When For is used to talk about a period of time continuing up to the present, it is used with the present perfect tense. For example:

-         I’ve known you for five months.

The question we would make to get an answer is How long …?

During is used to say when something happened.

-         There was a snowstorm during the night.
-         Peter had incredible experiences during his childhood.

The question we would make to get an answer is When …?

Let’s practise with some sentences. 
Click on the first comment to get the answers then.

  1. I’ve always wanted to teach abroad _____ a few months.
  2. I haven’t sent an email to my pupils _____ a while.
  3. Some pupils fell asleep _____ the class. It was so boring!
  4. Mary hasn’t done a sudoku _____ years but they say it’s good for your brain.
  5. I promise I will eat very healthy food _____ the summer.
  6. People didn’t stop shouting _____ the football match.
  7. We visited both Rome and Naples _____ our business trip in Italy.
  8. I’ve been watching videos on YouTube _____ two hours now!
  9. The candidates were answering a lot of difficult questions _____ the interview.
  10. I’ve had this laptop _____ about four years.

10 comentarios:

  1. These are the answers:

    1. for 3. during 5. during 7. during 9. during
    2. for 4. for 6. during 8. for 10. for

  2. Thank you!
    I like it!

  3. A good exercise in which I understood the difference between for or during.Also I could practice with the sentences.I would like to send two examples, where I show that I understood.
    - I was reading during the class.
    - I´ve been working for six months.

    1. You got it!!! Your examples are correct! Well-done, Cecilia!

  4. Very interesting !!!!

  5. Thanks a lot!!!

    I have a question, Sophie: Can we use the word during in an expresion speaking about the future? For example: I will drink water during our rest.

  6. During this year, I've never figured out , such clear example .I would like to find out more ,for all course


  8. Thanks Sofía!!
    More entries as this! ;)