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jueves, 30 de enero de 2014

American zero, South African hero

Last Friday we saw a really interesting film or better said, documentary Searching for Sugar Man. Although we were supposed to be a larger number of pupils, we all enjoyed it and as other extra-curricular activities at the EOI it was worth.

Some pupils at the EOI

Needless to say, this is a must-see film which tells the story of the life of Sixto Rodriguez, an absolutely brilliant and talented singer-songwriter whose career wasn’t as successful as it had been expected, at least it wasn’t in the United States. While he sold like six copies of his album Cold Fact in USA, in South Africa he sold millions of records. He became a hero there and his songs national anthems.

Listen to this song I Wonder. Catchy, isn't it? 

                                                                I Wonder (1970)

Rodriguez’s story is too strange to be true. He comes from a blue-collar family from Mexico who moved to the States in order to have a better life. However, I’m not going to give you more details about him.

Listen to another song from his first album Cold Fact which got people free their minds.

                                                               Forget it (1970)

 And let's finish this entry with Rodriguez's words. One of his best moments of his life was the concert that took place in Cape Town on 6th March 1998 -he was back and said:

"Thank you for keeping me alive"
A meaningful sentence but if you want to find out why, just watch the film.

If you attended school on Friday and saw the film, did you like it? What do you think of this singer? Do you like his songs? Had you heard of him and his amazing life before?

Leave your comments. They’re always welcomed.

9 comentarios:

  1. As you said the movie was awesome ,a little bit sadly but something new for me I was surprised to see how a poor man became famous and don't wanna to give up to poverty .Sometimes I'd like to be like him, but usually doesn't exist that kind of behaviour, furthermore when you as been dreaming all your life to be someone. Even though doesn't have money he has a Rich Soul. I've asked a friend of mine and he told me in Detroit is a legend. I'm agree with you, that story transmitting everything who the people need( trust in your feelings and keep going).one day you will get a big surprise(fulfillment..)

  2. Good afternoon.
    I could not go see the movie. It gave me enough grief. But my work would not let me.
    I drop the internet, and a while you can see her and give my opinion on it.
    Only say that this type of activity, are very good to learn English in different ways.
    And that should be repeated more times.

    1. It's a pity you couldn't attend -we really missed you ;) but who knows maybe next time.

  3. It was a very interesting documentary about this charming singer .´´I wonder `` more about Rodriguez so I will research and maybe I could find out any other surprise.
    Adriana 1NA

    1. I agree with you Adriana. It was really interesting and it invites to do a bit of research afterwards. I was open-mouthed when I found out some anecdotes about Rodriguez and his life. Thanks a lot for blogging!!!

  4. I've never heard of him before. I like the film very much, although is sometimes incredible. I find amazing that his life in Detroit have not changed even after he came back from South Africa.
    Soon after, I searched on internet his songs with lyrics in order to understand the meaning. They are awesome. I recommed you listen to these songs.

  5. I had never heard about Sixto Rodriguez, but since we've wachted the film I don't stop to listen to his songs. I like them very very much, specially "Hate Street Dialogue", "I wonder" and "Crucify your mind"; it's an incredible, amazing and, sometimes, relaxing music... At least for me :) I want to look for more information about his life and his lyrics. Thanks for this film!!!!!

  6. I liked the film a lot. I have never heard about that singer before.
    The documentary is amazing, in fact it won an Oscar in 2012.
    I strongly recommend you because the soundtrack is fantastic and the story is very interesting.

  7. I liked the film, which I saw the last month at school. However, I do my a question if he was really good why hadn t succesful?. Besides, I like his songs because his voice is very songful and the music of his song is incredible sweet. On the other hand, at the end of the film I thought that I´ve been seen him on TV and I´ve been listened his songs before that moment, althougt I´m not sure.