martes, 3 de abril de 2012

Street Markets

In London, there are hundreds of markets, but maybe the most famous ones are Portobello, Camden, Spitalfields or Petticoat Lane.

This is a photo I took in Portobello Market, which is celebrated on Saturdays. Hundreds of shops offer you their antiques and precious objects and you can buy almost everything, from a Scottish woollen scarf to an old silver teapot. I really enjoy the style they have when displaying all the articles, even if they are second-hand ones, and the decoration of the stalls and shops. Pay attention to the teapot hanging from a window on top of the shop.

Portobello Road

But if you want to find a real bargain, you should go to Camden Market which is open 364 days a year and where you can see Punks and other ethnic groups of people.

Footbridge in Camden            

Have you ever bought anything in a street market? Do you know any other famous markets? Tell an anecdote about buying something in a street market, how much it was, if you paid the full price or bargained, ...

You can also practise your listening skills by clicking below.

Listen to Melissa, an American woman, talking about flea markets.

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